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HEdpAY – Bringing banking into the crypto universe

HEdpAY is a pioneer in connecting traditional banking and the crypto universe.

Created to be the first and most authoritative financial institution, HEdpAY enables users to transfer their fiat currency into crypto quickly, safely and compliantly. HEdpAY is creating blockchain-based solutions that will finally bring crypto use to the mass market, revolutionising a financial system that is still anchored to traditional banking standards.

With its headquarters in London UK, and offices in Canada, Italy and Lithuania, HEdpAY is the brainchild of IBIG Investments Ltd and its CEO Vicken Kaprelian. It was formed in 2017 to lead and develop the concept of the Innovative Future Banking platform. HEdpAY Ltd will be guaranteed through a decentralized, global banking service platform utilising the authoritative financial structure for fiat and cryptocurrencies, currencies exchange, securities and Merchants or Agents with developed risk assessment, AML and KYC compliance systems.


HEdpAY’s mission is to provide fast and convenient solutions for banking and fintech, enabling them to transact and operate at any level B2B or B2C in a cost-effective way, that is integrated within the blockchain system. HEdpAY aims to be one of first banking systems to create funds denominated in fiat and cryptocurrency, offering an array of token/coin packages, for investors to benefit with a steady returns and profits annually.

HEdpAY’s platform allows customers to instantly and safely exchange fiat currency into cryptocurrency or vice versa in the same platform. It will also offer transparent services such as bank accounts, debit cards, Exchange and POS. HEdpAY will also support entrepreneurs in their initial phase of projects (ETO, ITO, ICO and Startups) allowing them to use protocols and technology devoted to their needs and requirements.

Recent milestones

In the past year HEdpAY has reached some significant milestones, most recently the company received the Most Outstanding Payments Solution Company of the Year 2018 in the Global Business Insight Awards and has been listed on four major crypto exchanges including ChainCreator. The company offers two kinds of HEdpAy (Hdp.dp) ERC223 tokens:

  • Equity token, based on the company equity, hedged to the registrar of its c-class shares, which will be presented in Q1 2019; and
  • Utility token, based on the community operations and transaction activities, which will be available until the end of Q4 2018.

HEdpAY’s ultimate vision is to act as a leading company in fintech bridging the gap between the traditional financial services and the crypto ecosystem in the global market, whilst establishing and cultivating compliant relationships with the regulatory bodies, global financial institutions and businesses.