The Horizon Europe Guarantee fund has awarded over £1 billion to researchers and innovators across the UK to increase research collaboration

On March 6th 2023, the UK government announced its extension to Horizon Europe Guarantee fund applicants until the end of June. Originally launched in November 2021, this move will protect funding for UK researchers, businesses and innovators

Delivering the guarantee on behalf of the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) notes that the funding will support researchers and innovators who have been successful in Horizon Europe competitions.

UKRI has issued grants worth more than £882 million, supporting those who cannot receive EU funding due to the delays to the UK’s association with the programme.

With the Horizon Europe guarantee fund, applicants can continue their work in research and innovation, allowing them to participate in Horizon Europe projects. While the UK’s association with the flagship EU funding programme is delayed.

Who are the Horizon Europe Guarantee fund recipients?

  • Anemoi, a wind propulsion company part of Optiwise, received funding for a Horizon Europe project that aims to reduce energy use in commercial shipping.
  • David Armstrong, a researcher at the University of Warwick,
  • works alongside the universities of Geneva, Bern and Porto to understand more about planets outside our own solar system. He received a guarantee grant to replace the ERC Starting Grant that he won but was unable to receive due to the delay to association.
  • The University of Manchester is participating in a Horizon Europe project called NimbleAI, developing a computer chip that works like an organic brain to see its physical surroundings.
  • Rolls-Royce is taking part in six projects with numerous international partners as part of Horizon Europe’s Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking
  • Tevva, a UK-based manufacturer of electric vehicles, is part of a Horizon Europe project that will help decarbonise transportation with the ‘NextETruck project’.

The Guarantee will support researchers who cannot receive the EU grant they have been awarded

Professor Christopher Smith, UKRI International Champion, said: “This is an important milestone for UKRI and the UK. The guarantee mitigates the challenges faced by our research and innovation communities during the delay to association by ensuring UK expertise can still participate.

“As a result, thousands of projects tackling vital research are going ahead and researchers and businesses in other countries are continuing to build Horizon Europe consortia with UK-based partners.

“We welcome the Secretary of State’s discussions in Brussels seeking a way forward on association to Horizon Europe. However, as the key delivery partner for the alternatives set out in the prospectus published today by the government, UKRI will continue to work closely with the government and the sector to ensure that, if required, we are ready to implement alternatives.

“I encourage researchers and innovators across the UK to continue applying to open Horizon Europe calls”

“In the meantime I encourage researchers and innovators across the UK to continue applying to open Horizon Europe calls. The Guarantee will support them if they cannot receive the EU grant they have been awarded.”

Science and Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan said: “We are determined to ensure our world-class researchers are given the clarity and certainty they need to continue their sterling work, which is why I am taking the immediate step to extend the Horizon Europe guarantee, worth £882 million to date, for an additional 3 months to the end of June.”


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