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IM&M – Saving the planet one building at a time®

IM&M is a software suite of tools that has been built with the purpose of providing visibility and control of your building infrastructure

With climate change being on everyone’s agenda IM&M‘s products and services help reduce the carbon emissions of buildings and hence we are helping to “Save the planet one building at a time”

We provide a software platform that manages the whole of your Corporate real estate, by driving down costs whilst also improving the operating efficiency of the buildings making them a nicer place for the occupants to work in.

IM&M is a software suite of tools that has been built with the purpose of providing visibility and control of your building infrastructure. Looking after buildings and the welfare of people who work in them, which is starting to become fashionable and we built our company around this philosophy.

Over ten years ago, we started to build solutions to provide our customers with the ability to see, assess and control their impact on the environment that they work in. Ten years later we are still building on this philosophy, to give our clients visibility so that they can make informed decisions. Our suite can be deployed almost immediately to show occupancy levels and then built up to provide a comprehensive monitoring and management suite that integrates seamlessly with other systems.

People are just starting to wake up to the fact that buildings are one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, and this realisation is starting to drive change. We don’t believe that you can change the world over night but working together we do think we can make a difference, from environmental to energy, through to occupancy and estate management, we have the tools that enable organisations to make significant inroads into their environmental and people wellbeing.

Along with trying to reduce our clients carbon commitment we also help reduce running costs significantly, but equally important we try to help build in occupancy wellbeing. We are making environments better places to work and allowing buildings to react and be adjusted to the changing business pressures and requirements. We are working to build a better, more environmentally friendly vision for today and for the future, using our registered trademark “IM&M saving the planet one building at a time”.

We provide an open interface to get information in and out of any of your systems. Using our simple 3 step methodology Investigate, Manage and Maximise we give you total visibility and control of your corporate real estate, delivering a real ROI and a more engaged workforce.


About our CEO

Paul Wells CEO of Nico Consultancy and the IM&M suite of intelligent building management tools has well over 30 years management experience. He has held a number of senior IT management roles and has a diploma in the psychology of management from the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CPID) underwritten by Herriot Watt University.

Paul also holds a master’s in business administration (MBA) along with numerous other IT and academic qualifications. Having worked in a range of industries and with a detailed knowledge of the IT sector from numerous perspectives, Paul and his team are able to translate complex business issues into cost effective deliverables.



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