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INAR: coordinating AASCO for arctic research between joint projects

Arena for the gap analysis of the existing Arctic science co-operations (AASCO) aims to bring together key players for joint Arctic research

Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) at the University of Helsinki is coordinating a 2 year process called “Arena for the gap analysis of the existing Arctic science co-operations” AASCO. The aim is to bring together key players representing the Pan-Arctic and high latitude’s modelling communities, data providers representing in situ and satellite observation and policy sciences to review the ocean – terrestrial processes, interactions and feedbacks of the current Earth system models and make a plan for all scales model assessment. The AASCO forum strengthens the collaboration and concept planning of the Arctic Ocean and terrestrial research at large scales. It contributes to the development of our modelling tools towards all- scales-modelling approach and cover the feedback, processes and the interaction of the land – ocean interface. It also supports the development of the observation network delivering novel ground-based ocean–land–atmosphere data for the Earth system modelling and for the future early warning systems. Academician Markku Kulmala, INAR is the Principal Investigator of AASCO.

We invite the Arctic research communities to contribute to the AASCO White Paper. The White Paper aims to synthesize the scientific understanding and state-of-the-art for cryosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere feedbacks and interactions, discuss the research infrastructure (RI) and data needs to answer the key scientific questions related to these feedbacks & interactions. Here you find examples of recent papers relevant in this context. We welcome previous work and views of the Arctic research community for the White Paper.

We will also host an Arctic e-Exhibition, which will be a platform to share different science outreach materials like videos and animations. The 1st AASCO Meeting takes place on 2-3.November.2020 and AASCO Science Conference is schedule for 2022.

AASCO collaborates with the Universities of Arctic (U-Arctic) and Sustainable Artic Observation Networks (SAON). AASCO is funded by Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.