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Inform Health – A technology partner to Sexual Health, HIV and SARC services

With a wealth of experience, Inform Health streamlines Sexual Health, HIV and SARC services by developing elegant, intuitive and reliable software

With years of experience, the people at Inform Health understand the intricate challenges customers face, the pressures to maintain provision despite dwindling budgets and the complexity of compliance culture.

That’s why Inform is committed to being more than just software. Inform is a partnership that delivers capable systems, designed, implemented and maintained by experts who care about providing exceptional value.

Inform Health’s software is used daily by 2,500 users across 20 NHS Trusts, to support the delivery of two million appointments each year at clinics throughout the UK.

To find out more about our software and what makes us different, visit our website.

Inform Sexual Health

Inform is used in the clinic to support controlled appointment booking, manage the waiting room and patient flow through clinic.

The unique clinical patient record has been designed by clinicians to provide efficient and robust documentation of clinical care and the provision of sexual healthcare.

Inform can be used for a whole range of sexual health related care, including:

  • Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
  • Genitourinary Medicine
  • HIV
  • Chlamydia Screening
  • Sexual Assault Referral Centres
  • Psycho-sexual Counselling
  • Vasectomy
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Young Parents Support Services
  • Condom Card Schemes

Inform supports all the work that goes on outside of the consultation room too, with workload management tools to support follow up and recall, results management and partner notification and management.

Inform has also developed technology for patients – through in-clinic patient kiosks and via the newly launched Personal Health Record patient app, designed to empower patients to manage their sexual health needs from home with convenience and autonomy.

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Inform HIV

Inform strives to support the delivery of HIV care services through its software products designed for both healthcare professionals and the patients they care for.

Inform HIV provides services with everything they need to go from fulfilling business critical data returns and electronic patient records to technology for HIV patients and technology to support MDT meetings for HIV.

From details of diagnosis to risk assessments, care planning to wider social support for patients, Inform HIV provides an EPR designed for the whole team involved in HIV care.

With Inform HIV, Consultants, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Health Advisers have the tools they need to document their care within a single electronic patient record.

For more information about Inform HIV, please click here.

Inform SARC

Building on existing expertise in the development of technology for Sexual Health and HIV, Inform has designed a system that supports the whole team involved in the delivery and management of Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) services.

Our design principles focus on ensuring accuracy and integrity of information across the entire Inform SARC system. This is combined with powerful security functionality that provides users with controlled, audited and appropriate access to client records.

The comprehensive software application provides a range of features and support for SARC services including:

  • Referrals to SARC
  • Forensic Medical Examinations (FME)
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA)
  • Counselling
  • Capturing telephone activity
  • Caseload management
  • Task and Workload management
  • Printing Records for legal purposes
  • Capture and reporting on key data (KPIs)
  • Electronic Client Records

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