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Institute of Cardiology – Expert examination and research

Cardiology research focusing on schemic cardiac pathologies, ranging from the study of the physiopathology and coronary syndromes, to the evaluation of new forms of therapy

At the Institute of Cardiology, expert University medical staff are involved in research into Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, including research on minimally invasive surgery in aortic valve replacement. The themes on which the research and teaching of the Institute are carried out are closely linked to the daily clinical activity and to the type of patients that most frequently arrive for observation in the hospital wards that belong to the Institute.

Cardiology research

The research activity concerns various topics, mainly focused on ischemic cardiac pathologies, and ranges from the study of the physiopathology and clinical of coronary syndromes of various types (stable angina, unstable angina, myocardial infarction, variant angina and angina microvascular), inflammation in acute coronary syndromes and heart failure, to the evaluation of new forms of therapy in this sector.

Particular attention is paid to the role of stem cells in myocardial infarction, the importance of coronary microcirculation in various cardiac pathologies and the role of arrhythmias and of the autonomic nervous system in ischemic heart disease.

In the field of cardiac surgery, important research fields concern the use of arterial conduits in aorto-coronary by-pass procedures, valvular disease and the treatment modalities of the various thoracic aortic diseases.
The teaching activity of students and postgraduates in Cardiovascular Diseases and in Cardiac Surgery is continuous and constant, with their involvement also in clinical and laboratory studies.

The teaching activities are performed not only in the degree course of Medicine and Surgery and in the Postgraduate Schools in “Cardiovascular Diseases” and “Cardiac Surgery”, but also in the three-year degree course “Cardiocirculatory and Perfusion Pathophysiology Techniques” Cardiovascular”.

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