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Integrated Technology Division – Western Technical College

Western Technical College delivers technology education options designed to deliver the skills and experience needed in the workforce

Western Technical College provides relevant, high quality education in the 7 Rivers Region. As one of 16 colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System, we offer more than 100 certificates, technical diplomas, and associate’s degrees, as well as customized training, professional development, English language learner, and college prep courses. We value community partnerships, including transfer agreements with four-year universities, dual enrollment with local secondary schools, service learning opportunities with non-profit organizations, and work-based learning opportunities for our students. We pledge to support every student every day, which is why 99% of our graduates are employed within six months of graduation.

All of our academic programs are taught by industry experienced faculty members within state-of-the-art labs and the curriculum is vetted by local advisory committees comprised of professionals within those fields. With facilities in 7 cities throughout our district, we serve over 10,000 students in the academic areas of General Education, Business, Integrated Technology, Transportation, Health, Public Safety, and Apprenticeship. As an Achieving the Dream Leader College, Western ranks in the top 3% nationally for technical colleges proving that we can do education better. Through our focus on overall student success, creating equitable outcomes among all populations, and sustainability, Western strives to be the college of first choice within our district.

Western offers education that changes the lives of our students and grows our communities. An economic impact study in 2019, demonstrated that Western added $330.3 million in income to the Western district economy during the analysis year, equal to the sum of the operations spending impact, the student spending impact, and the alumni impact. Digging deeper, we know that one out of every 37 jobs in our district is supported by the activities of Western and our students, and that our students annual return on investment in Western averages 23.9%.

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