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Here, General Manager Bart den Hertog, introduces MariPharm, the world’s first medicinal cannabis business, highlighting the company’s major milestone moments, its clinical trial process and recommended product dosage

The human body has a system of receptors controlled by cannabinoids. This can happen through cannabinoids that the body naturally produces itself (endocannabinoids) or through cannabis-cannabinoids such as CBD.

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mainly in the brain and the central nervous system and CB2 receptors are mainly in the peripheral organs, and especially in the immune cells. Controlling the Human Endocannabinoid System plays an important role in maintaining overall good health.

What is CBD and is it safe?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the many active compounds in the marijuana plant. There are over 100 different compounds, know as ‘cannabinoids’. The most well-known is compound is THC, the “psychoactive” component of cannabis that makes people feel ‘high’. CBD is another cannabinoid which has very different and beneficial health and wellbeing effects, with scientists discovering more every day. The most important thing to know about CBD is that it is non-psychoactive and won’t get you ‘high’.

In a WHO report published in 2018, they stated that naturally occurring CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans. They concluded that there were no negative public health effects.

Who are MariPharm?

MariPharm is a ground-breaking Phyto-Pharmaceutical Company that produces the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil in the world.

MariPharm was founded in the Netherlands in 1995 and for more than two decades has undertaken pioneering research into the cannabis plant. MariPharm was the first company worldwide to receive a government license to grow, research, process and sell Medicinal Grade Cannabis (MGC) which they exclusively provided to the public between 1995 and 2003. With over 30,000 patients having benefited from the use of MariPharm’s MGC products, they have a wealth of knowledge in the use of cannabis, especially when relating to strains and genetics of the plant for different impacts and ailments.

Milestone moments in MariPharm’s pioneering history:

1995 – MariPharm become the first company to receive a government license to grow, research, process and sell Medicinal Grade Cannabis.

1999 – The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain invite MariPharm to the UK to discuss the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids.

2002 – MariPharm break The Single Convention of New-York (1961) by exporting 1 Kilogram of MGC to the UK, licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport.

2013 – MariPharm founder was granted a special benefit working license on medicinal cannabis from the Canadian authorities in order to consult for a large Canadian Medicinal Cannabis company.

2008-2017 – MariPharm’s experienced team consulted on Medicinal Cannabis businesses around the globe. Countries include Israel, Czech Republic, Uruguay, U.S. and Canada.

MariPharm has consistently used innovative technologies, developing a revolutionary extraction process for CBD oil that guarantees the highest quality product, formulated from MariPharm’s unique patented genetics.

MariPharm maintains a state of the art manufacturing and grow facility with a dedicated high-tech laboratory – with third-party quality oversight and testing of each batch of product guaranteed by a renowned laboratory approved by the Dutch government to issue Certificates of Analysis.

MariPharm’s quality and clinical trials

MariPharm products set the standard worldwide in producing and analysing cannabidiol with every batch going through stringent quality control measures to ensure the best quality product every time.

Years of painstaking research supported by leading scientists, pharmacists, doctors, and government specialists, backed by an Opium License from the Dutch Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport, have resulted in the world’s finest quality CBD and cannabis derived products. MariPharm CBD oil is currently undergoing double-blind placebo and observational trails.

Seed to Sale

To ensure the highest quality standard of CBD products, MariPharm believes it is essential to engage with every step of the supply chain. From harvesting our seeds, laboratory testing for quality, to distributing our exceptional finished products (see image).

MariPharm products

MariPharm produces nutritional dietary food supplements and cosmetic products that can be purchased at various pharmacies and through the MariPharm online web shop across Europe.

MariPharm also holds Dutch Government permits and currently has several new ground-breaking CBD products under development that will be introduced in the very near future.

“I have been interested in the developments in the CBD sector for some time now and have seen for myself the effectiveness. However, not all CBD products are the same, so after trial and error, I now only use MariPharm in the clinic – I trust the brand implicitly.” Dr Aamer Khan, Harley Street Skin Clinic.

Colour, taste and aroma – What to look for in a high quality CBD oil

Purity and quality of CBD oil is recognised by the colour. CBD oils that appear brown, discoloured and sticky have undergone an incomplete extraction and purification process through which unnecessary and potentially harmful residues may remain.

Along with the colour of CBD oil, the flavour, taste and aroma of the CBD product also indicate how the production process has taken place. Some CBD products have a bitter taste or an unpleasant aftertaste, which can also indicate pollution.

The MariPharm extraction process produces a completely pure and transparent product which has a pleasant taste and a neutral aroma.

MariPharm CBD recommended dosage

Recommendations: Begin with three drops three times a day. The number of drops can be increased, if desired – always consult your doctor. It is recommended to administer the oil into the mouth sublingually by placing the drops directly under the tongue.

If the drops are administered directly under the tongue, the drops should be retained in your mouth for between 10-30 seconds before swallowing.

In this way, the body immediately absorbs the active substance which provides rapid and optimal effects relative to the rate of absorption of active substances through the stomach.

For the best results and the highest level of absorption, it is recommend to take CBD five minutes after a meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner).

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