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About Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited

Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited is a UK pharmaceutical company established in the
1920’s and based in the heart of the Cambridge science community. Focused
principally in the areas of diabetes, respiratory, cancer, arthritis and
gastroenterology, we have worked side by side with the NHS since its inception. As
the UK healthcare environment has evolved, so has Napp, ensuring we have the
right expertise to mirror what the NHS needs from us, understanding NHS priorities
and what influences and drives decision-making.

We are part of a worldwide network of independent companies, which gives us the
flexibility to make locally driven decisions quickly. We have developed our working
practices to ensure we can be agile, and act fast and efficiently, in order to help our
partners deliver sustainable healthcare solutions that ultimately improve patient
outcomes. We aim to bring value-added medicines to the NHS by building effective
partnerships. This is innate in the way we work because we are a partnership-based
organisation, placing it at the heart of everything we do and every relationship, from
our wholesale distributors to NHS decision-makers.

We are extremely proud of our heritage in partnership working, which is centred
around building and developing mutually beneficial, enduring partnerships that are
open and based on respect – this is how we have built our reputation as a partner of

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