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Managed Print Services from OKI Systems

OKI is one of the leading business-to-business printer brands and continuously strives to improve the quality of products, applications and services to help increase the efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and other organisations

As a result, OKI printers and multifunction devices are fast, high performance machines with optimised energy efficiency due to our LED technology. Our products can be delivered as part of a smart Managed Document Solutions programme to help streamline investment and maximise benefits.

Key Market Strategies 


Smart Managed Document Services: OKI works with its wide network of managed services partners to deploy strategies that help customers take control over the costs of document output and management, without sacrificing quality. This is of particular benefit to SMBs, but can be of value for all sizes of business and other organisations such as schools and government offices.

OKI has recently developed a new portfolio of smart Managed Document Solutions including Managed Page Services, Managed Print Services and Managed Document Services:

  • Managed Page Services delivers problem-free printer management which includes an all-inclusive printing plan covering consumables and servicing.
  • Managed Print Services optimises and manages printing needs to drive productivity and cut costs through the process of evaluation, implementation, management and review.
  • Managed Document Services analyses, optimises and manages document workflow while reducing costs and improving efficiency. This service delivers savings to make a difference to any size of business.


Environmental Responsibility 


As part of the OKI Group’s Charter of Conduct, OKI has made great strides in reducing the environmental impact of every product throughout its lifecycle, from its manufacture to its day-to-day running and eventually its disposal. OKI’s green leaf symbol is found on all products and packaging showing this commitment. The majority of OKI printers and multifunction printers have earned the Energy Star rating by helping to eliminate energy waste.

Features include:

  • Designs which use less energy to perform regular tasks 
  • Energy-efficient LED technology 
  • Power-save mode when not in use 
  • Duplex printing as standard  
  • Free recycling programme for toners. 



Ongoing Innovation


LED technology:

OKI is a pioneer in LED technology having launched the world’s first LED printer in 1981. LED delivers a wide range of advantages including accurate output, superior print quality, a more compact design, fewer moving parts, stable print environment and reduced energy usage. Thanks to LED, organisations can save time and money by printing high-quality documents in-house.

Design strategy:

OKI is committed to an S3 product design strategy:

  • Simple: Devices are easy to use and clean in design to suit today’s modern office environment.
  • Solid: They are well-built, robust and reliable.
  • Smart: They include features to make printing and document management easier.


High definition colour:

The OKI approach combines four key elements to deliver fast, colour output of the utmost quality. These are high definition (HD) LED print-heads, Microfine HD toner, and a single-pass flat paper path and printer control system.


OKI’s expanding product range has won a series of high profile UK awards including the Print.IT Editor’s Choice Award, the 2012 Go Green award, PCPro Laser Printer award and the MacWorld ‘Best Professional Printer’ Award.

Oki Systems UK‘s office is in Egham, Surrey, OKI’s EMEA HQ.

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