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Original Biomedical Implants (OBI)

OBI-USA/México are developing new generation superior implantable medical devices/prostheses coated with a revolutionary LOW COST/unique/best biocompatible (made of Carbon atoms-element of life) ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCDTM) coating.

OBI-USA/OBI-México are two integrated companies (www.originalbiomedicalimplants.com) operating in multimillion dollar facility in Hermosillo-México, developing new generations of implantable medical devices and prostheses coated with a LOW COST/unique/best biocompatible (because made of Carbon atoms-element of life in the human DNA, cells, and molecules) ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCDTM) coating. Besides developing their implantable own medical devices and prostheses, the OBI companies offer potential clients the opportunity of exploring the application of the UNCDTM coating for medical products the clients may be developing.

Products / new medical treatments in different states of development from most advanced are described below:

  • UNCDTM encapsulated Si microchip (“Artificial Retina”), implantable on human eye’s retina, to restore Partial Vision to people blinded by retinitis pigmentosa (10 years R&D (2000-2010) by large group of researchers from Universities, National Laboratories, and a USA-Company (Second Sight)) resulted in the Argus II device (currently without the UNCDTM-coated Si chip, because needs FDA approval), implanted in hundreds of blind people in the USA and Europe, returning partial vision.
  • New generation metal dental implants (DIs) coated with UNCDTM, eliminate current failure (~15% worldwide), of commercial Ti-alloys DIs, in the first 4-5 years, due to chemical corrosion by oral fluids. Clinical trials (50 patients implanted in Mexico (2018- present)), demonstrated that UNCDTM coating eliminates chemical attack by oral fluids, providing lifetime implantation of DIs. Projection for worldwide market insertion in 3-4 years. Other UNCDTM– coated protheses, under development, include artificial metal hips / knees.
  • New generation Li-ion Batteries (LIB) with order of magnitude longer stable capacity energy life and safer than current LIBs, based on unique electrically conductive/Li corrosion resistant Nitrogen atoms doped N-UNCD-coated electrodes, will provide new generation lifetime implantation Defibrillator/Pacemaker/implantable battery powered medical devices, and cell phones and portable electronics.
  • Unique water purification system with water-corrosion resistant electrically conductive Boron-doped UNCD-coated metal electrodes, producing electrolysis-induced ozone molecules, killing all viruses/pathogens in water.

Prototype available for demonstration to interested clients.

  • Novel integrated biocompatible super-paramagnetic oxide (Fe2O3-approved by FDA-USA) nanoparticles injectable in human eye, attracted by magnetic field generated by external UNCDTM-coated magnet, push detached retina back on inner wall of human eye, providing new transformational retina reattachment process.
  • Super-hydrophobic UNCDTM-coated polymer-based valves have been demonstrated, providing order of magnitude better performance than current uncoated polymer valves, to pump out fluid from the inner eye to treat glaucoma condition (second cause of blindness worldwide).

Our Values

OBI USA/OBI-México are guided by five core values:

  • Integrity: We chose the right pathway to serve our clients.
  • Sincerity: We are open and sincere to our customers, showing appropriate pathways for the UNCDTM coating technology application to their needs.
  • Reliability: We work responsively, reliably and ethically, accounting for our actions.
  • Commitment: We are extremely motivated about helping and serving customers.
  • Competence: We team-up with partners, contractors and customers to deliver the very best possible service for customer’s needs.