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Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies – Researching new therapies

Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies is a biopharmaceutical company combining cannabinoid medicine with world class scientific research and drug development

Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies (OCT) uses 21st century technology and modern drug development standards to explore the potential of cannabinoid medication and bring pioneering treatments to the market.

As medical cannabis markets open around the world, OCT believes it is important to develop a deeper understanding of the molecular actions of cannabinoids. We manage a wide-ranging research program that investigates the medical potential of cannabinoids across different therapeutic areas.

By employing the latest scientific techniques to provide more evidence that supports the positive effects of cannabinoids, it is our vision to become the global leader in cannabinoid-based medication, improving the quality of life for millions of patients.

If you would like to know more about OCT, please contact us through the details on our contact page.

Cannabinoid based therapies

Cannabinoid Research

The cannabis plant has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years. However, due to its legal status in the modern world, scientific research has been restricted.

Thanks to the recent trends associated with cannabis legislation, the regulatory framework for the use of medicinal cannabis has improved in numerous regions. Patients have easier access to medicinal cannabis and it is now possible to conduct studies on the plant, allowing researchers to learn more about its medical properties and the mechanisms of actions of cannabinoids.

Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies partners with world-leading research institutions to study cannabinoids.

Areas of focus

Cannabinoid-based therapies have a very wide range of potential medical applications, many of which OCT is exploring. Current research projects are in the following areas:

We are constantly looking to expand our research and if you are a principal investigator interested in submitting a proposal for a research collaboration, please contact us.

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