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PAL stats – statistical data insight and advanced analyses

PAL Stats is a specialist statistical consulting agency, here to help you choose, build and understand statistical methods to solve business problems

At PAL stats we are experts in statistical and data analysis. We work with market researchers needing advanced analysis of their data. We work with companies developing new products and needing customer satisfaction measures. We work with data sets to discover trends, enable future forecasting and create behavioural models. We also handle basic data processing and cleaning, table and report production including interactive dashboard presentations of data. We are a creative and dynamic statistical team.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the use of statistical methods and advanced data analysis easy and simple for any business or researcher. For this we have to be experts at communicating stats and data analysis – so that we can guide, explain and interpret throughout the analysis process. Our aim is to provide consultants that specialise in every area of statistical and data analysis and are exceptional communicators.

Our Services

PAL stats specialises in the statistical analysis of market research data. We have a vast range of statistical methods that we can apply to your data queries…

  • We can identify hidden variables, Latent variables that cannot be measured directly with questions.
  • The latent variable analysis provides the tools to identify groups of people or segments, where each person has similar attitudes or needs.
  • In new product development, the value of attributes and levels for each consumer is determined, by considering a different combination of the attributes and levels, enabling the relative value (utility value) for each respondent.
  • Correlation and Regression analysis can be used for prediction and forecasting and identifies key drivers of the metric of interest.

Some of the other methods we use are – Shapley Value Regression (SVR) / S&K / Discriminant analysis / SIMALTO / AID / CHAID / SEM / Correspondence and preference maps, product optimisation (inc. Conjoint & simulation) plus many others.

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