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PinPoint Data Science – Streamlining Cancer Diagnostics in the NHS

Homegrown Innovation in Cancer Diagnostics

PinPoint Data Science is a Leeds based company that has developed a blood test using machine learning to provide clinicians with a simple but powerful tool to distil complex medical data and produce a single probability that a patient has cancer. Working in collaboration with the University of Leeds, multiple NHS Trusts and with the support of the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN, PinPoint aims to bring about a fundamental change in our approach to triage and prioritisation of suspected cancer patients; a future without bottlenecks and waiting lists, where patients get the care they need faster and more efficiently.

A world-class team

At the heart of PinPoint is its world-class team of data scientists led by Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Dr Richard Savage. Each member of the team brings a unique blend of technical expertise in data analysis, statistical modelling and software engineering with an emphasis on cancer detection, meaning the PinPoint Test sits at the cutting edge of AI development in healthcare.

Alongside them are CEO, Giles Tully, Executive Chair, Dr Nigel Sansom and COO, Dr Rosie Ferguson, who have decades of experience at the nexus of academia and business, bringing innovation into the NHS. In the last year, PinPoint has secured funding from both Innovate UK and the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) to accelerate trials and prepare for deployment to help the NHS get back on track after the shock of COVID-19.

Real-world Integration

From a clinical and cost management perspective, the power of the PinPoint Test lies in the fact that it is a simple blood test run on existing NHS IT and laboratory testing systems under complete NHS control. It is already integrated within the NHS firewall and is currently undergoing a real-world service evaluation in West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

The PinPoint Test is CE marked for the 9 most populous ‘two week wait’ pathways, representing over 98% of all NHS urgent cancer referrals. For more information, visit PinPoint at www.pinpointdatascience.com.

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The Pinpoint Test: Harnessing the power of AI in cancer diagnostics

Suspected cancer patients in England are currently referred to the NHS urgent cancer referral pathway, known as the ‘2-week wait’ (2WW). It guarantees that suspected cancer patients can see a specialist in Secondary Care within 14 days of referral.