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PNO Consultants – nurturing innovation

PNO Consultants help to nurture innovation projects from private and public organisations to expand the innovation landscape

PNO Consultants has grown in the last 30 years as a leader in innovation and funding services in Europe, with offices in 8 EU countries. We provide support services to private and public organisations in fostering connections and stimulating, realising and financing innovation in an ever faster and more complex innovation landscape – changing the world for the better. We are a European group made up of a pool of 440+ professionals including scientists, engineers, consultants, Innovation Data Analysts, Brussels policy advisors, as well as financial and legal experts, with consolidated experience R&D processes, open innovation and funding in a wide number of strategic sectors and technologies. We support over 4,000 clients & partners throughout Europe, annually developing over 300 European R&D&I projects and studies.

CiaoTechEvery innovation starts with one good idea and a lot of passion. Those are traits we recognize because, being part of the PNO Group, we started out the same way. From these start-up roots, the group have grown to become market leader in innovation and funding services in Europe, with offices in eight European countries. Within PNO R&D Advisory Service, our innovation experts have helped countless clients to strengthen their innovation processes. This makes us experienced discussion partners for start-ups, SMEs, multinationals, RTOs and research institutions when it comes to optimizing research and innovation processes.


PNO teams are populated by domain specialists.
Our consultants are fully focused on one single market sector. They are specialists with a thorough understanding not only of the grants and incentives relevant for ‘their’ sector, but also familiar with the market trends, developments and relationships to the relevant governmental agenda’s, policies and initiatives.

Innovation projects

PNO’s R&D Advisory services were born by building on the extensive experience and insight into hundreds of R&D projects: through proprietary methodologies, tools, and the expertise of our consultants, we provide insights, analysis, and hands-on support services to support decision making in the R&D&I process. Our mission is to improve returns on R&D through smarter innovation processes, from ambition to impact, helping clients to be at the forefront of technological innovation while optimizing their R&D investments and supporting UN’s SDGs.


PNO R&D Advisory makes Innovation processes intelligence based, more focused, faster, and funded. Our mission is supporting our clients to:

  • Focus your RD&I strategy with most recent insights in technology, market and policy trends
  • Tap into external innovations and partners, by building collaborative innovation ecosystems and collaborative projects to inspire your innovation process
  • Secure funding for innovation projects through co-development, business modelling, grants, finance and execution

We do this through 4 main capabilities, competences and service lines

  • Strategic Analysis and Insights (technology intelligence, market analysis, stakeholder analysis, business plans)
  • R&D Process Optimisation (innovation process review and assessment)
  • Effective Open Innovation (scouting, challenges, partnerships)
  • Impact full R&D funnel and projects (portfolio management and financing plans)

We underpin our services portfolio with unique state-of-art intelligence tools, expert innovation data analysts and combining big-data with a vast network of top innovators to benefit your innovation process. We mine global data about innovation to spot market-technology trends, map the innovation eco-system and scout technologies as well as solutions providers. All with the aim to help you make better-informed decisions, define effective strategies and R&D technological choices and boost the return of your R&D investments.

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