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QuickThink Cloud Limited – Public Sector Cloud Hosting

QuickThink Cloud Limited are your go-to experts in Public Sector Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

With extensive experience and knowledge of the cloud hosting landscape within Public Sector organisations, the QuickThink Cloud team are able to deploy lightning fast, highly agile and highly robust cloud-hosted systems (and associated technologies) in a matter of hours.

The platform is highly secure, scalable and allows for the seamless integration of third-party systems. This is all wrapped up within our impressive support offering, providing 24/7 assistance, expert support and technical assistance for applications, thin-client technologies, database administration, security solutions and much more.

Who we are

Based near the marina in Portishead, Bristol, QuickThink Cloud is a high-technology cloud innovator specialising in providing cloud sourcing services to a wide range of sectors and organisations.

Server Illustration

Unlike many legacy hosting companies that have committed significant resource into expensive and inflexible data centres and physical hosting facilities, QuickThink Cloud acts as a cloud broker and uses a variety of highly agile cloud platforms in order to deliver the most secure, robust, scalable, innovative and cost-effective platform for its partner organisations and customers.

Exceptional Support

Expert Technical Support is available 24/7, with industry-leading SLA’s and ultra-fast response times. This extends to legacy systems that traditionally are not available within the cloud, with expert Citrix / thin-client specialists, Microsoft specialists, infrastructure specialists, DBA’s and network specialists ready to drive your IT systems and applications forward.

Pure Performance

Our architecture enables us to scale up and down for seamless integration with your existing systems. We don’t stack our cores high and clock them low as many other cloud providers seem to do, but instead choose fast processors and SSD drives to super-charge your IT systems.

Easy Migration

We offer full technical project management when migrating your existing platform to QuickThink Cloud. There are no on-boarding (or off-boarding) costs, and all activities are covered under the standard managed service / cloud hosted costs and agreements.

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