The world’s first saliva-based pregnancy test is a non-invasive, easy and hygienic way to detect hormones, viruses and even diseases

Israeli startup Salignostics have developed a world-first: a saliva-based pregnancy test that will be available to buy in Europe, South Africa, and Israel in 2023, and it’s called the ‘SaliStick’.

The Israel-based startup company, which developed the SaliStick test kit, received the CE mark from the European authorities and is currently working towards receiving FDA approval in the U.S.

Saliva-based pregnancy test: ‘Self-Testing Anywhere, by Anyone’

“With SaliStick, a pregnancy test can be done anywhere and at any convenient time”, says Salignostics.

“Saliva is the key to rapid diagnostics for a variety of medical reasons. It is the only non-invasive, easy, and hygienic means to detect hormones, viruses, and even diseases,” adds Prof. Aaron Palmon, co-founder of Salignostics.

This product completely removes the need for blood and urine samples when testing for pregnancy

“With SaliStick, we leverage the powerful diagnostics abilities we have been able to create from analyzing saliva. This product completely removes the need for blood and urine samples when testing for pregnancy.”

Salignostics claims that the process is straightforward, easy to use and provides accurate results within a few minutes. It also boasts that the test can be done more conveniently and without needing a bathroom.

Salignostics leading team stood in small group
Salignostics leading team, 2022 Credit: Salignostics


‘Unique and innovative user experience’

The developer and provider of the rapid saliva-based pregnancy tests are set to put the SaliStick to the mass market.

Starting in the first quarter of 2023, SaliStick will be available in several European countries, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel.

The kit has already been approved by the European CE certification and has received Medical Devices and Accessories approval from Israel’s Ministry of Health.

Salignostics has also completed a 510(K) initial Q-submission of SaliStick to the FDA in the U.S.

In terms of the commercialization of SaliStick, the company has established a new manufacturing facility in the Lavon Industrial Zone in Northern Israel with a monthly production capacity of 1 million units.

According to company analysis, the saliva-based pregnancy stick is set to be very susceptible to market share due to its unique and innovative user experience.


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