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Yunex Traffic, the new name for Siemens Mobility’s Intelligent Traffic Systems business, develop, manufacture and operate intelligent transport infrastructure and management solutions

Yunex Traffic is the world-leader in traffic management technology, with a global presence, served by our UK-based manufacturing facilities.

We develop, manufacture, deploy, operate and maintain intelligent transport infrastructure and management solutions for clients around the world. Our systems help towns and cities better manage their road networks, understand what is happening and where, optimise traffic flows, prioritise vehicles, reduce pollution and connect drivers with important information about road and traffic conditions.

Our broad product portfolio ranges from intelligent traffic control, congestion charging and clean air zone solutions to managed services, co-operative systems, traffic enforcement and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and we have the global vision, experience and expertise to enable transport and city managers to deliver on their goals: keeping road users safe, balancing emissions with transport efficiency and optimising transport modes, assets and network performance.

Intelligent traffic systems play a critical role in enabling people and goods to move efficiently and safely in, around and between our towns, cities and communities. Managing our transport networks is an ever-changing, non-stop challenge. With more and more transport choices, changing traffic patterns and worsening air quality, together with the exciting and ever accelerating progress toward connected and self-driving vehicles, new smart approaches to traffic management are required to simplify and effectively manage our increasingly complex road networks.

Yunex Traffic is committed to finding solutions that meet these challenges and deliver the required outcomes. Solutions that balance innovation with quality, intelligence with usability and accessibility with security. Our intelligent infrastructure and traffic management solutions are designed with our customers, and their customers, the travelling public, in mind, helping make towns and cities more efficient, safer, more attractive and healthier places to be.

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