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The Social Value Portal – creating more value for communities

The Social Value Portal allows organisations to procure, measure, manage and maximise their social value.

The Social Value Portal is on-line solution that allows organisations to measure, manage and maximise the social value that they create for society, according to the principles laid out within the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Our measurement solution allows organisations to calculate their financial contribution across a full range of social, economic and environmental metrics and through our procurement platform rewards organisations for doing “more good” in the community.

Social Value Portal

Our Services

Social Value Portal offers a range of services for the public sector and their suppliers. Our solution has been developed to provide social value support to all of the public sector and their suppliers including central government, councils, emergency services, health and education.

Bespoke Measurement Solution

We will work with you to develop a bespoke Social Value Measurement Framework that will reflect the specific needs and priorities of your area. Our solution is based on the National TOMs Framework as supported by the National Social Value Task Force and constructed around a series of Themes, Outcome and Measures (TOMs).  The Local Government Association has produced a video explaining the benefits to government of use the TOMs:


Our platform has been designed to help you maximise the additional value through your procurement processes. We will manage the full bid including support with market engagement, preparation of your bid documents (ITT) through to bid evaluation and award. We will provide additional support to your suppliers to ensure that their social value offers are maximised and aligned with local needs and priorities.

Bid support

If you are a supplier to the public sector, we will work with you to help you measure and maximise your offer. We can provide additional insight to your bid teams around local policies and priorities through our tailored ‘needs analysis’.

Project Management and Reporting

Following award, we provide a full suite of contract management services specifically aimed at supporting you and your suppliers to deliver and maximise the social value that they have committed to as a part of the bid process. Our services include KPI management, target setting, collation of evidence, data review and quarterly reporting.

UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

We have mapped the National TOMs against the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This is a unique solution that allows users to report their contribution to the broader imperatives of sustainable development including action against decent work & economic growth, climate change, reduced inequalities, good health and wellbeing and sustainable cities & communities.

Planning Support

We have extensive experience of maximising the opportunity of delivering social value through the planning process. The Portal can be adapted specifically to monitor and manage the delivery of social value pledges and Section 106 commitments through the construction phase of a project

Workshops and training

We offer customised workshops and training on Social Value measurement and implementation for both public (central and local government) and private sector customers.

Needs Analysis, Community Charter and Social Value Market Place

We provide organisations with detailed needs analysis that can be used to inform a Community (Social Value) Charter designed to reflect local opportunities and priorities. These are linked to our Social Value Market Place that provides an on-line brokerage service linking suppliers with local community groups and charities.

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