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SPF Institute for Solar Technology

Research and development of innovative components, systems and processes focusing on solar energy and seasonal energy storage applications

SPF Institute for Solar Technology, founded in 1981, became worldwide renowned for its research and development activities related to solar thermal. As part of the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences OST, SPF is located in Rapperswil, Switzerland, at the beautiful lake of Zürich.

With a motivated and qualified team, Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences OST is a driving force in research and development of innovative components, systems and processes. Our general focus is energy efficiency and renewable energy technology with a particular focus in solar energy. SPF experts are involved in various research projects, either national (e.g. SolTherm2050), European (e.g. EU H2020 TRI-HP) or worldwide (e.g. IEA SHC Tasks 60), contributing to the 2050 climate-neutrality target. SPF experts consult private and public authorities in the field of sustainable, renewables-based and energy efficient systems. Moreover, industrial partners are supported to turn their ideas into innovative market products. SPF runs an internationally accredited testing laboratory for solar energy and heating appliances, as well as optical and thermal characterization of building materials, including durability assessment.

A selection of products consists of:

  • Whole system testing approach for combined renewable heating systems. The Concise Cycle Test allows to assess the yearly energetic performance of renewable heating systems in 6 testing days.
  • SOLIND Tool – Pre-feasibility study solar thermal in industry: developed as a cooperation between Swissolar, SPF and LESBAT, the tool enables users to perform a quick feasibility study;
  • SPF Test reports contains a comprehensive collector catalogue, including factsheets of solar collectors and materials, combistores, heat pumps and others tested at SPF.

We are looking forward to tackle the upcoming energy challenge together with you. Visit our website and contact us!

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