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Strata Health Resource Matching & Intelligent e Referral

Strata Health Resource Matching & Intelligent e Referral delivers care-coordination across the NHS (primary, secondary, tertiary), Local Authorities, and the 3rd sector

Strata links the patient journey across Hospitals and Municipalities to ensure the patient is in the right care, at the right location, and at the right time is critical to deliver True ‘Patient Centered Coordinated Care’.

Resources across an entire health economy must be known and accessible in a way that ‘matches patient need to best suited and approved intervention’ across all care providers; while taking into account real-time capacity and optimal utilisation.

Patient outcomes can be greatly enhanced while system cost and the burden on scarce resource is understood and minimised.

Frontline staff benefit from a reduced administrative burden whilst real-time information is presented within the work-flow to give frontline staff the information they need, when they need it.

Patients and their families are engaged in the process and can help input on choice and preference.  This early-in the-process engagement helps reduce unplanned acute admissions and enable a well-planned care package to be developed that keeps patients living quality lives; closer to home for longer.

In 2021/22 it becomes critical to maintain what we have learned during Covid-19.  We must discharge patients’ home to assess their longer term needs (D2A), and build care pathways and plans from the ground up (starting with Pathway Zero).  Strata PathWays helps facilitate this working process by underpinned local best practice with technology that streamlines this very workflow.

Please contact Strata Health today to see how we can help:  Discharge 2 Assess, Pathways 0,1,2,3, Continuing Health Care process, Mental Health access and placement, Single Point of Discharge (SPoD) and more!