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Sungard Availability Services (UK) Ltd – recovery services for business

Sungard Availability Services partners with global customers, providing production and recovery services tailored to achieve desired business outcomes.

Sungard Availability Services partners with customers around the globe to understand their unique business needs and provide production and recovery services tailored to help them achieve their desired business outcomes. We apply our deep expertise and experience in disaster recovery to design, build and run production environments that are resilient and available in the present and positioned for growth in the future.

Rather than focusing on one isolated area of technology, we deliver business continuity, information security, IT disaster recovery and cloud systems that are fully integrated and responsive. The result is a solution that meets your business challenges and can be delivered quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.

We have a diverse group of customers, proof that our solutions offer a broad range of benefits. Over half of our customers are small and medium enterprises, and more than 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies rely on our services. Financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and business services industries are heavily represented; plus, we have significant customers from the transportation, telecommunications, utilities and government verticals.

Sungard Availability Services:

  • Helps thousands of customers globally achieve uninterrupted access to their mission-critical data and systems
  • Employs over 3,000 professionals with extensive IT and business experience
  • Provides more than 5 million square feet of hardened, secure operations space
  • Has 18 mobile facilities staged in strategic locations
  • Manages 90 hardened IT facilities connected by a redundant, global dedicated network backbone
  • Is an aggressive adopter of green technology, researching and adopting best-of-breed components for our infrastructure and systems

Our proven track record of innovation has helped us deliver reduced disaster recovery times, less complexity, and greater utility as information loads grow and technology dependency advances. These and future innovations will help our clients use technology to continue to drive business outcomes.

Cloud Services

If your systems are straining from increased transaction loads, compute-intensive applications and an unwavering demand for availability, it’s time to explore or expand cloud services.


Managed Hosting Services

Any application can only be as responsive and resilient as the underlying infrastructure it runs on. That’s why it’s so important to let the needs of each application drive your platform decisions.


Security Services

Our Information Security Services are designed to reinforce your organisation’s security posture, based on an OpEx model that allows you to conserve cash and focus your internal resources on strategic initiatives.


Colocation Services

Our Colocation Services allow you to run your business applications in one of our enterprise-class facilities. You can select the space and power environment that suits your needs today, with the confidence that you can grow as requirements evolve.


Network Services

For busy IT staff, the challenge is establishing, managing and optimising those network connections to deliver on their value. And that takes choosing the right network services provider with a proven track record in providing highly secure, highly available and fully recoverable IT solutions.


Workplace Recovery

Our Workplace Recovery Services provide an alternate brick-and-mortar site for key staff. Our facilities are fully equipped with virtually everything people need to get on with the job at hand: from networked PCs, familiar applications, high-speed internet connectivity and phones to desks, seating and even a kitchen and break room. It’s not so much a home-away-from-home, but an office-away-from-the-office.


Application Cloud Services

We can help you migrate and rationalise business-critical applications by identifying your infrastructure and recovery requirements and providing the optimised, managed cloud-based platforms you need to deliver SAP or Oracle applications as a service. Plus, since enterprise applications are typically integrated with multiple other business applications, we can help you develop and manage the multiple-platform, hybrid environment that may result.


Application Management Services

When your IT staff are engaged in the on-going tasks involved with keeping your applications running and accessible to employees and customers, you may find – as have many other organisations – that there aren’t enough resources available to take full advantage of your applications’ capabilities. Partner with Sungard Availability Services and you can optimise applications, leverage our expertise and free your staff from the complexity of managing multiple applications across hybrid IT environments.


Cloud Based Recovery

Get a fully-managed recovery solution for your IT environments on a secure, enterprise-class platform – whether our own or third-party. Our services can be tiered to address a range of Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).


Systems and Data Recovery Services

Information availability isn’t just an operational must-have, but a competitive edge. Whether your systems are down from a devastating natural disaster or a mundane hardware failure, you can’t afford the business disruption or the loss of customer trust and your good reputation that can follow an outage. Sungard AS supports a comprehensive lifecycle approach to systems and data recovery services, designed to protect your business from the scale and scope of any interruption.


Recovery Management

Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) can assume responsibility for your recovery under our Managed Recovery Programme (MRP). Our experts will develop your recovery plans and procedures, maintain them to ensure synchronization with changes in your production environment, and completely manage the testing of IT application recovery plans.


Business Continuity Management

Our Business Continuity Management consultants use proven methodologies to assess the current state of your BC program to identify and remedy existing gaps or vulnerabilities. Not only will you be ready for virtually any disruption, you’ll gain the benefit of an objective, expert perspective to help you deal with a range of scenarios – from addressing board or stakeholder concerns and responding proactively to customer inquiries about your BC programme, to identifying and mitigating critical third-party vendor risks and preparing for an upcoming audit.



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