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SureWash: A complete solution for delivering hand hygiene training

Helping with the fight against Covid-19 through their quality hand hygiene training to the World Health Organization (WHO) Protocol

SureWash, a CPD certified hand hygiene training company is used globally to help train and educate healthcare workers. Covid-19 has re-emphasised the importance of hand hygiene. Now is not the time to abandon training, but rather healthcare facilities should be re-enforcing it continuously. SureWash technology helps users achieve proficiency by conveniently  bringing training into the hospital environment, and by providing objective real-time feedback on the WHO technique.

Shifting training out of the classroom setting

Healthcare professionals are busier than ever before and conducting training can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to generate enthusiasm. As a result, SureWash training is delivered on kiosks that are placed on the hospital ward. It enables facilities to deliver short training sessions to a large number of staff without them having to leave the hospital environment. These short training sessions are proven to be the most effective approach to teaching a psychomotor skill such as hand hygiene. This is because a “practice-rest-repeat” approach helps to build muscle memory, making the WHO technique a habit each time the hands are cleaned. (1)

Educating patients and visitors

Although good hand hygiene among healthcare workers is the foundation of infection prevention and control, educating and training patients and visitors about the importance of hand hygiene and advising them on how and when to clean their hands could have a substantial impact on the rate of infections. As SureWash brings training into the day to day healthcare environment, it encourages self-directed learning and can be used by anyone who enters into a facility.

SureWash units can be used as a promotional tool to encourage engagement from staff, patients, and visitors and to teach users the correct hand hygiene technique. The SureWash Hand Hygiene APP even enables patients to learn how to clean their hands correctly from their mobile device. Hand hygiene is everyone’s responsibility and training and education is available for everyone that enters the hospital setting when SureWash is implemented.

Online Reporting

As the SureWash units objectively assesses the users technique, this data is then stored in the cloud on their online reporting suite. SureWash.Net enables administrators to access all training data from their desktop to help save time, but to also conveniently have a detailed record of staff’s progress on their hand hygiene training and education. This is suitable for both internal and external inspections and all reports can be exported into either PDF or Excel format.

Ultimately, SureWash is automating hand hygiene training to make it more convenient, accessible and cost-effective. Watch how the SureWash system works and the benefits it can have for your organisation.


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