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Syntek Technologies – solving basic physics problems

Syntek Technologies bring together premiere support services and decision tools to solve basic physics problems and guide clients

Syntek Technologies is a woman-owned, small business with specialised expertise in theoretical, computational and experimental techniques to solve basic physics problems. They assess potential applications of novel pulsed-power-driven radiation sources, plasma-electromagnetic wave interactions in space-surrogate environments, electron- and ion-beam applications, ultra-short pulsed  laser systems, and diagnostics and pulsed power architectures for future Naval, Department of Energy (DOE), and federal government  applications. Additionally, they perform novel research in modelling the near-earth space environment, specifically the ionosphere and plasmasphere. Syntek staff members have been providing technical services to Naval Research Laboratory, Naval Sea Systems Command, Office of Naval Research, Department of Transportation, the National Science Foundation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and multiple agencies across the Federal government. The uniqueness of Syntek stems from the quality of its technical work and its employees—all of whom are world-class scientists with many publications, patents, invited lectures, and awards.  Syntek is located at Fairfax, Virginia, near Dunn-Loring Metro Station.

Services and Capabilities

The services that we provide include:

  • ONR Support
    • HM&E FNC S&T Support with Coordination with OPNAV N42/N95, PEO Ships, PMS 377/385, NAVFAC, and MSC
    • Virginia and ORP Submarine Program Support
    • Submarine Propulsor  and SHT Program Support
    • S&T Requirements, Solicitation, Tech Evaluation, and
      Program Oversight Support
    • Transition Planning and Coordination Support
    • INP & Swamp works Support
    • D&I, MURI, and OSD Program Support
    • Model-Scale to Full-Scale Testing and Demonstration Support
  • NAVSEA  Support
    • Early-Stage thru Contract Ship Design Support including design
      for producibility
    • AOA Support
    • Ship Requirements, Drawings, and CDRL Review Support
    • R&D Study Support
    • Model Testing & Trial Support
  • NSWCCD Support
    • R&D Support
    • Coordination of Model Construction
    • Seawolf & Virginia Class Support
  • NOAA Support
    • Fleet Recapitalization Study Support
    • Design Support for Fisheries Resource Vessel (FRV)
  • Shipyard Engineering
    • LCS tri-maran (On-site mission module integration at Austal USA)
    • BIW Master Planning, Yard Coordination, and Work Order Processing

Syntek Technologies equip R&D decision makers with focused, powerful insights on programs and technology. These areas of expertise include integrated electrical power and control systems designed for maritime applications; system level analytical tools to assess system capabilities, tradeoffs and investment strategies; program information assurance and program-specific IT applications.

We provide our customers with unique decision making perspectives not available elsewhere. We are not generalized support personnel; we see the value of our involvement in programs as an efficient and effective application of specialized engineering and programmatic expertise at times when such expertise has a positive impact on our customers’ success.

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