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Microscopic nano robot kills disease-causing bacteria inside the human body

‘Nano-robot’ built entirely from DNA

Nano-robot made from DNA can study cell processes invisible to the naked eye.
artist impression of AI in healthcare

These four tools could enable the future of AI in healthcare

Craig Rhodes, EMEA Industry Lead, AI for Healthcare and Life Sciences, NVIDIA, argues that just four tools could enable the future of AI in healthcare.
artist impression of AI tech

The hype around artificial intelligence

Gabriella Kereszturi, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at The University of Law Business School, walks us through the hype around artificial intelligence.
High-technology used in AI medical equipment for healthcare

What are the pros and cons of implementing AI in healthcare?

AI in healthcare covers a wide range of assistance to health systems and workers, but what are the specific benefits and downfalls of its adoption?
Ultrasound of foetus in the womb

A revolution in AI: diagnosing cystic hygroma early on

A unique Artificial Intelligence-based deep learning model can identify birth defects in fetal ultrasounds early on .
adult ADHD, AI-enabled assessment

AI-Enabled Assessment of Adult ADHD

Prof Marios Adamou OBE and Prof Grigoris Antoniou discuss the problems and solutions of adult ADHD, using an AI-enabled assessment of data.
AI to fight air pollution

How can we use AI to fight air pollution?

Martin Schultz at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, discusses the potential of AI to combat air pollution.
beating lung cancer, ai

Beating lung cancer with the AI edge

Prashant Warier, CEO and Founder, Qure.ai, explains beating lung cancer with the AI edge.
artificial intelligence in er

What should hospitals consider when using Artificial Intelligence in the ER?

Mary Hardcastle at RapidAI looks at the advancements in health tech, explaining what hospitals need to do to implement Artificial Intelligence in the ER.
breast cancer screening

Using AI to deliver high quality, personalised breast cancer screening 

Ralph Highnam, PhD, Chief Science & Innovation Officer at Volpara Health, looks at the future of breast cancer screening and the use of AI.
book driving test

Why is it so difficult to book a driving test?

Investigation reveals that driving tests are being bulk booked and resold for profit with learners paying more than £200 for a test.
approaches to ai, machine learning

Artificial Intelligence: approaches to AI to solve complex problems even without data

Here Jose M. Peña Director at Lurtis LTD explores the different approaches to AI problems beyond using Machine Learning.
teleworking in health, post-pandemic

Impact of teleworking in health, wellness & well-being

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, describes the impact of teleworking in health, wellness & well-being, beginning with the implications of this in pandemic & post-pandemic scenarios.
human welfare

Technologies improve human welfare and solve global issues

Shu Wei Goh, Co-Founder of the global AI ecosystem builder and VC firm, Skymind, explores how technologies contribute to the improvement of human welfare & solving global issues.
AI solutions

WSK Medical: Changing healthcare by leveraging innovative AI solutions

Using AI solutions to assist clinicians and doctors in the quest for early cancer detection through software.

How do we activate AI in the public sector?

Sofia Ihsan, Trusted AI Lead at EY, explains her stance on activating AI in the public sector.
outcomes for stroke patients, AI

Using AI to support decision making & transform outcomes for stroke patients

Adam Nickerson, Head of Category, Digital and IT procurement frameworks at NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), explains how artificial intelligence software (AI) is used to support decision making & transform outcomes for stroke patients.
community diagnostic hubs

Are Community Diagnostic Hubs the way forward?

Medispace, a provider of fully equipped MRI trailers and CT trailers, looks to the future of community diagnostic hubs, advocating for much-needed changes to be implemented.
Lurtis Rules – Artificial Intelligence driven Solutions

Lurtis Rules – Artificial Intelligence driven Solutions

Lurtis Rules designs, develops, and implements Artificial Intelligence technology into businesses in the fields of engineering and sciences.
cancer referrals

Fighting against a Covid tide to deliver cancer referral innovation

PinPoint Data Science is working with the NHS to deliver much needed innovation in cancer referral pathways

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