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vaccination debate, ai

AI analyses online debate around vaccinations and climate change

Using artificial intelligence (AI), researchers analysed debates based on tweets - revealing that opinions on vaccinations are widely divided.
trust in ai

Data reveals people do not trust AI weapons

As AI becomes more integrated into twenty-first century society, researchers have investigated to what extent the general public trust it.
internet governance online

UN says measures to improve cyberspace safety needed now

With 782 million people joining the internet since 2019, what is being done to protect people when they are online?

The journey to making AI-generated voices more expressive

Ai-generated voices have become an integral part of society and research into making these voices more personal and expressive is moving fast.
Conscious cognitive operations

Scientists discover new theory for conscious cognitive operations

The concept of consciousness is related to complex cognitive operations in the brain, and adaptive and flexible behaviour in humans and animals are based on these operations.

Next Generation IoT Reference Solution: The TERMINET Project

Academic experts Panagiotis Radoglou-Grammatikis, Thomas Lagkas and Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, walk us through the Next Generation IoT Reference Solution, known as The TERMINET Project.
cancer diagnostics

A PinPoint solution to harnessing the power of AI in cancer diagnostics

PinPoint Data Science addresses the acute challenges of cancer diagnostics in the post-COVID NHS. Could their innovative machine learning platform be the low-cost, high-impact solution UK healthcare needs?

Transforming pathology using digital platforms and AI

Rapidly scaling health-tech player in the emerging Pathology Computer Aided Diagnostics sector Deciphex uses digital pathology and AI to accelerate pathology diagnosis by improving productivity and patient outcome.
cognitive disorders, digital transformation

Driving digital transformation across the UK healthcare sector

Brian Murphy, CSO of UK digital health firm Cumulus Neuroscience, explores how AI tools could transform drug development in the difficult area of cognitive disorders.
smart life technology

Smart Life 2025: Envisioning a connected a world

Global Futurist, Foresight expert and CEO of Fast Future Rohit Talwar, details the concept of Smart Life 2025, that envisions a connected world in the future.
AI assurance ecosystem, national AI strategy

The steps required for the UK’s AI assurance ecosystem

The CDEI has established the steps essential to building the UK’s AI assurance ecosystem, ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of AI, as set out in the National AI strategy.
robot industry

What can we learn from the most automated countries in the world?

Neil Ballinger at EU Automation, explains why some countries are more successful at implementing automation and what UK manufacturers can learn from them
AI prediction

New AI tool could change how COVID ICU works

New technology could be used to help doctors make the most of limited resources during COVID-19 by identifying patients in need of intensive care treatment
government algorithmic

The new government standard for algorithmic transparency

The UK government has initiated one of the world’s first national standards for algorithmic transparency, commencing promises made in the National Data and National AI strategies.
cancer screening, AI

Artificial intelligence & other cancer screening innovations

General Manager, Hologic UK and Ireland, keeps us up to speed with grasping the possibilities of AI and other innovations in cancer screening
online safety bill, frances haugen

Whistleblower says Online Safety Bill must stop “legal but harmful” content

Speaking to UK politicians, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen suggests the Online Safety Bill should address "legal but harmful" content - the type that leads to self-harm.
student-centred design

Elevating the HE digital experience through student-centred design

Mark Picken, Managing Director of Content Design London, discusses how student-centred design can enhance universities digital offerings.

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