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Air Pollution in Europe – An Overview

Gautham Gnanajothi, Senior Industry Analyst & Team Leader – Energy & Environment at Frost & Sullivan highlights the impact of air pollution throughout Europe Looking at air pollution in Europe from a surface level, it gives us an impression that air quality standards have been significantly improving over the past decades...
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Tackling air quality issues in the Turku region

According to the Finnish Environmental Protection Act, municipalities are responsible for enhancing air protection within their region. Turku is a regional capital of the third-largest urban area in Finland and an important business and cultural centre. The City of Turku must, therefore, organise the necessary air quality monitoring system...

Air quality in Europe

Air pollution impacts all living species and can have a detrimental impact. Dr Valentin Foltescu EEA Project manager – Air quality reporting and assessment at the European Environment Agency (EEA) explains more Europe is still far from achieving levels of air quality that do not pose unacceptable risks to humans...
Exposure to air pollution linked to autism

Exposure to air pollution linked to autism

Scientists have suggested exposure to air pollution during pregnancy could be linked to children developing autism. A study of 1,767 children has revealed that high levels of pollution may cause autism. A team from the Harvard School of Public Health found that tiny particulate matter, which can pass from the...

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