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alcohol use by children, children's behaviour

More intense alcohol use by children with lenient parents

Researchers found that children are more likely to start drinking alcohol, drink more frequently and get drunk if their parents have a lenient attitude towards drinking.
life-saving drug

Fears over life-saving drug unfounded, finds review

Fears over a life-saving drug that can be used to treat alcohol addiction are unfounded, according to its first ever systematic review.
opioids for pain, poor areas

GPs prescribe more opioids for pain in poor Northern areas, study reveals

English patients living in poorer areas are likely to be prescribed more opioids for pain by their GPs, according to a study led by University of Manchester and University of Nottingham researchers.

Breathalysing on the rise during Christmas period

As the countdown to Christmas begins, drivers are being warned they are nearly three times more likely to be breathalysed in December than a normal month
your body

How the Christmas party affects your body in 24 hours

New research from Bensons for Beds reveals what time a hangover is likely to hit you the hardest, and what’s going on in your body after the Christmas party
binge drinking

Brits risk damaging their sight with prolonged binge drinking

Brits risk long-term damage to their eyesight and even blindness, by binge drinking and indulging in periods of prolonged heavy drinking, warn health experts at Optical Express ahead of Alcohol Awareness Week
Alcohol-related disease is rising in Bradford

Alcohol-related diseases on the rise in Bradford

Figures have revealed that the rate of admissions to hospitals for alcohol-related liver disease is increasing in Bradford. The rate of emergency admissions in the Bradford Districts Clinic Commissioning Group (CCG) area has risen from 27.6 per 100,000 GP registered patients to 30.3 at the end of March. The figures...

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