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A Bio-secure future for poultry farms

Biosecurity is an integral part of poultry farming to ensure a high level of health and welfare is achieved, here the European Rural Poultry Association (ERPA) explains why. European Rural Poultry Association (ERPA) was created in May 2007 to defend, support and develop the production of rural poultry in the European...

Decline in honeybees across Europe

A honeybee shortage is threatening crop pollination in more than half of European countries, according to new research. A study published in the journal ‘Plos One’ reveals that the shortage is more severe in Britain, which has only a quarter of the honeybees required. Across Europe though, overall numbers of honeybee...

Pets, people and pathogens

Clifford Warwick, Senior Scientific Consultant for the Emergent Disease Foundation examines the links between zoonotic pathogens and human disease. Introduction Whether priceless personal ‘friends’, hobbyists’ favoured fancies, or simply delivering big bucks to animal dealers, pets have long been a fixture of society. Key among the numerous human benefits is companionship, although...

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