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People sunbathing in the Park

Hold businesses accountable for protecting and restoring nature

Jenni Black, Nature Transformation Lead at the World Benchmarking Alliance, argues that we must hold businesses accountable for protecting and restoring nature.
Underwater kelp forest, catalina island, california

Tropical kelp forest “twice the normal size” discovered in the Galapagos Islands

A tropical kelp forest of “enormous importance” has been found in the Galapagos Islands, harbouring potential for massive carbon sequestration.
boat on the river thames

An ecosystem approach to the River Thames

Anna Forbes, Thames Rivers Trust Administrator at the Thames Rivers Trust, shares with us an ecosystem approach to the River Thames.
wildflower planting in nature

Biodiversity and the benefits of nature to the workforce

Exploring the relationship between mental health, the workforce, and biodiversity, workplaces should be encouraging their employees to volunteer in nature more.
Grizzly bear animal running through water

Animals and climate change: which animals will be most resilient?

As the effects of global warming induce deadly weather patterns and disruptions to ecosystems, researchers analyse the outcomes of animals and climate change.
Badger in forest, animal nature habitat, Germany, Europe

Europe’s Nature Restoration Law to repair damaged ecosystems by 2050

The Nature Restoration Law aims to restore damaged ecosystems and bring nature back across Europe, as well as reduce the use and risk of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2030.
sustainable farming

Testing actions for sustainable farming: preparing for future agriculture policy

The Scottish Government has offered £50 as an incentive for every farmer and crofter to complete the ‘Testing Actions for Sustainable Farming’ survey in an attempt to prepare farmers for future agricultural policy.

How do pandas survive solely on bamboo?

Pandas survive on a diet of bamboo, despite being bears. Why is this? The panda's long evolutionary history offers an answer.

Should we incorporate animal welfare in sustainable governance?

Experts have called on international governments to include animal welfare policies in sustainable governance, to promote better animal health in future politics.
habitats, Bumblebee species conservation

Bumblebee species conservation “not a one-size-fits-all approach”

A 10-year citizen science study finds that multiple habitats need to be preserved for efficient bumblebee species conservation in the UK.
protecting moths

Scientists create strategy for protecting moths from climate change

Through the prediction of species movement, researchers identify areas in need of habitat restoration to continue protecting moths.
manta ray habitats, tourism

Regional recovery of manta ray habitats through tourism limitations

Komodo National Park has one of the world’s largest manta ray habitats – and researchers think this may be due to stricter tourism regulations allowing them to flourish.
New ichthyosaur

New ichthyosaur fossil said to be largest animal ever found

Researchers have found the largest ever ichthyosaur tooth, with its width being twice as large as any aquatic reptile known
new mammal,

Hundreds of new mammal species are hiding in plain sight

Researchers believe there are hundreds of unidentified species of new mammals that have yet to be found.
impacts of coastal construction

Minimising impacts of coastal construction on bottlenose dolphins

Dolphin Behaviourist and Biostatistician gives insight into the impacts of coastal construction, ensuring quality of coastal life for dolphins

Restoring biodiversity: Ecological value of hedgerows

Laura Arneson Horn, Owner of the Wild Bee Project considers the ecological value of hedgerows, crop pollination by diverse wild bees and restoring biodiversity
twisted claw millipede, ecosystem

Scientist names twisted-claw millipede after Taylor Swift

A scientist at Virginia Tech in the US, Derek Hennen, has named a twisted-claw millipede after Taylor Swift.
river systems, amazon, bird species

Changes to river systems sparks species evolution in the Amazon

Changing dynamics of small river systems in the Amazon allows for the evolution of new species – but can also threaten existing species like birds.
resource extraction, ecological damage

US and EU responsible for 74% of global resource extraction

Higher-income countries, such as the USA and nations of the EU, are responsible for excess resource extraction of raw materials which has led to ecological damage.

Understanding Flaviviruses: Deciphering insect-borne virus strategies

Understanding the infection strategy of mosquito-borne viruses known as flaviviruses is key in the future development of treatments and possible vaccines

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