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The challenge facing patients with ‘Diabesity’

Chester Medical school shed light on the link between obesity and diabetes, the challenge facing patients with ‘Diabesity’ and the research contribution of the school in solving this problem

“Erythropoiesis in and out of the body”

Members of the RELEVANCE consortium – Anna Bogdanova, Francesca Aglialoro, Marieke von Lindern, Emile van Akker, Ashley Toye, and Pedro Moura – explain their thoughts on erythropoiesis, in and out of the body.
Aplastic Anaemia

The importance of research into aplastic anaemia (AA)

Grazina Berry from Aplastic Anaemia Trust explains why research into aplastic anaemia (AA) is so important.

Clinical and hospital-based biobanking for next generation patient care

Professor Berthold Huppertz from Biobank Graz, highlights the importance of maintaining high sample quality in biobanking
Albio blood alcohol test in action

The rapid blood alcohol test that could save lives

Albio™ is a rapid and cost-effective blood alcohol test which could help paramedics and emergency responders save lives.

Kidney transplants – the gold standard treatment

Adnan Sharif, Consultant Nephrologist at University Hospitals Birmingham discusses kidney transplants and the impact it has on the patient and their quality of life. Chronic kidney disease affects over 10% of the UK population and can progress to end-.stage kidney disease, requiring renal replacement therapy in the form of either...

Biobank Graz

The hub for biobanking in Europe. Biobank Graz at Medical University of Graz, Austria, belongs to the largest repositories of human samples in Europe. It contains nearly six million samples from normal and pathological tissues, including formalinfixed, paraffin-embedded tissues (FFPE), fresh frozen tissue samples and frozen body fluids such as...

Smart Biobanking

Senior Research Analyst for Frost & Sullivan Divyaa Ravishankar discusses the growing need for innovative products in the realm of bio-storage applications. The concept of biobanking has triggered massive interest in the area of long-term sample storage conditions but with a key challenge of maintaining sample integrity. In order to...

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