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healthcare patient with a nurse

How digital improvements can aid the NHS backlog

Transforming UK healthcare means tackling the NHS backlog from COVID-19, but this could be solved through digital improvements like AI and cloud data.
man napping on the train

Regular naps can increase the risk of high blood pressure by up to 40%

Regular naps have been associated with higher risks for high blood pressure and stroke, as those who nap more frequently generally sleep worse.
robot-assisted surgery, technology

Safer and faster recovery to be expected from robot-assisted surgery

Robot-assisted surgery cut hospital recovery time down by 20%, according to a clinical trial used to perform bladder cancer removal.
blood clots watching tv, binge watching

Binge-watching TV increases likelihood of blood clots by 35%

Scientists suggest taking breaks when binge-watching TV to avoid blood clots - with four hour sessions increasing the likelihood by 35%.
blood pressure medication

Potential kidney damage from long-term use of blood pressure drugs

Research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine brings attention to the dangers of long-term use of blood pressure medication
sickle cell anaemia

£2.3 million awarded to York University for sickle cell anaemia research

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation have awarded £2.3million to the University of York, in attempt to push research into sickle cell anaemia.
clinic, lightbench

Precision medicine: From bench to clinic

Here, we find out about Yourgene Health, a molecular diagnostics company with products and technologies that enable precision medicine in oncology from bench to clinic.
blood clots, covid-19

Life-threatening blood clots in COVID-19 patients

New research shows a link between COVID-19 and lower extremity arterial thrombosis, aka life-threatening blood clots.

World Glaucoma Week 2020: A guide for contact lens wearers

As part of World Glaucoma Week, Alastair Lockwood, ophthalmologist and eye health specialist at Feel Good Contacts, explains how to minimise the risks of developing glaucoma in later life, and for lens wearers, how to ensure you are wearing them most effectively.
Paediatric haematology

Paediatric haematology research in the UK: Starting at the beginning

Why starting at the beginning is so important in paediatric haematology research in the UK is a point impressed on us by Dr Sujith Samarasinghe at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London and Grazina Berry, CEO of the Aplastic Anaemia Trust.
acute myeloid leukaemia

Living with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)

Bethany Torr, Campaigns and Advocacy Officer at Leukaemia Care explores the challenges of living with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)
heart disease deaths

Could escalating diabetes rates reverse success in reducing heart disease deaths?

Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation ponders if escalating diabetes rates could reverse success in reducing heart disease deaths
cardiovascular disease detection

Early stage Cardiovascular Disease Detection with Integrated Silicon Photonics

Lead Scientist EMEA, Mirko De Melis, Ph. D sheds light on cardiovascular disease detection research and prevention methods
Diana Agacy, Blood Transfusion Nurse Practitioner and Phlebotomy Manager at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation gives an overview of the importance of patient safety during blood transfusions…

Practising patient safety during blood transfusions

Diana Agacy, Blood Transfusion Nurse Practitioner and Phlebotomy Manager at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation gives an overview of the importance of patient safety during blood transfusions. As a transfusion practitioner, the main aspect of my role is to educate healthcare professionals in safe transfusion practice and the first thing...

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