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Cryto payment network

Blockchain in business: Telegram app said to launch its own crypto payment network

In this article, the founder and co-founder of the Blockchain Federation provide insight into the use of blockchain in business, including how the Telegram app is said to launch its own crypto payment network Ever since the smartphone, we all know Telegram as a worthy and very secure alternative to...

Blockchains, trust and power: Governance models of the future

Sari Stenfors, PhD from the ReCon Blockchain Research Project at Aalto University looks at how distributed and open technologies transform our interactions In a forward-looking research project at Aalto University’s Business School in Helsinki, together with partner companies and public organisations such as the Finance Ministry of Finland, we are...
big six energy

Could the Big Six energy companies be losing their grip on the market?

High demand and a busy competitive market for gas is taking a strain on the Big Six energy companies argues Nicola Bannister, the marketing manager at Flogas For years, the energy market has been dominated by a handful of suppliers known as the Big Six: EDF, Npower, British Gas, SSE, EON,...

How Blockchain Technology can help B2B companies become more profitable

Blockchain can provide a virtual bank for B2B companies and help them to become more profitable Blockchain is an algorithm created for cryptocurrency. It drives a distributed data structure that manages electronic cash movements. It replaces the administrative role of a central bank or government. For B2B companies, it can be...
open data policies

Can Open Data Feed the World?

Jaime Adams at U.S. Department of Agriculture explores the role of open data technology and if this can help feed the whole world Over 7.4 billion (1) people currently inhabit the Earth and an estimated 800 million (2) go to bed hungry every night – predominantly women and children. Experts...
children and families

Essex County Council – creating a golden thread of support for children and families

Emma Toublic, head of education information and business systems at Essex County Council explains how the secure sharing of key information can make a difference to the support received by children and families When key information can be shared securely and efficiently between teams working with children and families, it...
Green technology

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology smarter than your building management team?

Danny Pay, Director of Maximus Green outlines that businesses have a responsibility to use green technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to survive Technology is a wonderful thing; with those small glimpses of the future from sci-fi films are now realities. We have Artificial Intelligence (AI) managing our homes and...
Bitcoin hackers

Bitcoin hackers steal millions in ‘highly professional’ theft

Slovenian mining exchange NiceHash was targeted by 'professional' Bitcoin hackers who stole 4700 coins worth around $80 million
defence technology

Adapting defence technology to business enterprise

Paddy Bradley, Director, Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership explains how investing in defence technology can boost the economy
reporting rules

UK financial regulator fines US bank £35m for breaking reporting rules

The UK financial regulator has issued the Bank of America's Merrill Lynch a £35 million fine for violating transaction reporting rules
innovation and business

Backing innovation for commercial success

Dr David Wilkes of Innovate UK explores the importance of driving UK productivity and economic growth by supporting innovation and business Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. We are government funded, but business focused, and innovation and business led. Since 2007, Innovate UK has been driving UK productivity and...
asset management

Asset management must be a consideration for the rail sector

During holiday season asset management is very important to the rail industry. Here, Marcel Van Velthoven, CEO of ZNAPZ explains why

Crime against businesses: What is your security strategy?

Tim Strawson, Managing Director of security solutions manufacturer Bradbury Group, analyses 2016’s crime against businesses figures, and offers his advice on how to keep your company safe

Asset management in the rail industry

Benefits of adopting the new ISO 55000 standard For many years the Rail Industry has been relatively stable with progressive evolution and development, however more recently significant changes have been seen. The recent development and technological advancements have resulted in numerous efficiencies with more transportation being undertaken on the rail...

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