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Nuclear medicine scanning of patient with prostate cancer metastasis in areas of pelvis and spine in different colours

Betamethasone may improve prostate cancer radiation therapy

Common steroid betamethasone could be used to reduce unwanted side effects of radiation treatments for prostate cancer.

Roche – biotechnology and in-vitro diagnostics

Roche is a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas.
nhs, pathology services

NHS trusts to digitise pathology services with cloud computing

Two NHS trusts in England will collaborate with technology partner Sectra to deploy digital pathology services using cloud infrastructure NHS trusts in East Suffolk and North Essex will transform pathology services through cloud computing for better patient and healthcare services, following a collaboration with medical imaging technology provider Sectra. “Digital pathology...
diagnosis and treatment, lung cancer

The impact of new minimally invasive lung cancer diagnosis and treatment

Elize Sturkenboom – van de Wetering, Venture Leader of Lung Oncology at Phillips Healthcare, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer through new minimally invasive therapy.
Cancer Early Detection

A new generation of testing for cancer: tools for navigating data in clinical decision...

Utilising early cancer detection: Are we getting the most out of first order tests for symptomatic cancer patients?
beating lung cancer, ai

Beating lung cancer with the AI edge

Prashant Warier, CEO and Founder, Qure.ai, explains beating lung cancer with the AI edge.
breast cancer screening

Using AI to deliver high quality, personalised breast cancer screening 

Ralph Highnam, PhD, Chief Science & Innovation Officer at Volpara Health, looks at the future of breast cancer screening and the use of AI.
digital cytology

Digital cytology and the future of cervical cancer screening

Cervical cancer is a disease affecting thousands of women in the UK with around 3,200 new cases diagnosed every year, can developments in cervical screening and digital cytology help?
medical costs, patients with thyroid cancer

Reducing medical costs of patients with thyroid cancer by centralising medical functions

Professor Hiroki Konno at Nihon University explores proposals for reducing medical costs for patients with thyroid cancer in Japan.
cancer screening

Is there a racial disparity in cancer screenings across England?

According to new research black people are 38% less likely than white people to be diagnosed at cancer screenings in England.
hyperspectral camera, technology

Hyperspectral camera imaging promotes research of the seas and space

Mikko Mäkelä, Research Professor at VTT, discusses the possibilities of a hyperspectral camera – a device that can see things which the human eye cannot.
fukushima disaster

11 years on: Cancer patients sue operator for Fukushima disaster

Tokyo court hearings are underway for almost $5 million in damages, for six individuals who developed thyroid cancer as a result of the Fukushima disaster.
NHS diagnostic services

ScanBox: Thinking inside the box for NHS diagnostic services

NHS diagnostic services have been placed under immense pressure by the COVID-19 pandemic, now, Fairford Medical’s CT ScanBoxes can ease up resource burdens
sunburn & skin cancer

Part 3: Scientific sunburn & skin cancer

Chanda Siddoo-Atwal, President and Primary Biochemist of Moondust Cosmetics Ltd. continues her discussion on sunburn & skin cancer science.
racial disparities

Racial disparities found in early-onset colon cancer survival rates

Between 1992 and 2013, survival rates for young adults with colorectal cancer (CRC) only improved for Caucasian patients – no increase was seen for those from Black, Hispanic or Asian communities
AI solutions

WSK Medical: Changing healthcare by leveraging innovative AI solutions

Using AI solutions to assist clinicians and doctors in the quest for early cancer detection through software.
communicable diseases, biological pathways

Cellular & biological pathways from studies on communicable diseases

Adonis Sfera and Zisis Kozlakidis provide recent insights into cellular and biological pathways from studies on communicable diseases.
Diagnostic hubs

Diagnostic hubs: A short-term fix for a long-term problem?

Collette Johnson, Head of Marketing at Sanome, turns the spotlight onto diagnostic hubs. Are they a short-term fix for a long-term problem, she asks.
robot-assisted surgery, technology

Safer and faster recovery to be expected from robot-assisted surgery

Robot-assisted surgery cut hospital recovery time down by 20%, according to a clinical trial used to perform bladder cancer removal.
community diagnostic hubs

Are Community Diagnostic Hubs the way forward?

Medispace, a provider of fully equipped MRI trailers and CT trailers, looks to the future of community diagnostic hubs, advocating for much-needed changes to be implemented.

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