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net zero operation, nhs

The first net zero operation conducted in the NHS

The first net zero operation has been conducted by surgeons in the NHS ­– with the patient safely recovering from a keyhole procedure to remove a bowel cancer.
Tree death, carbon, climate change

Tree death contributes to climate change more than you’d think

Trees hold an important place in global climate change efforts, but with tree deaths increasing, could they do more harm than good?
blue hydrogen

‘Blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas and coal, say researchers

Cornell and Stanford University researchers believe blue hydrogen may be harming the climate more than burning fossil fuels
environmental websites, carbon emissions

43% of major environmental websites make mass carbon emissions

An analysis of the ‘cleanest’ environmental websites reveals that over 57% of major environmental websites run on sustainable energy.
electric cars, carbon emissions

Can electric cars save the UK from carbon emissions?

Though electric cars are greener than those running on fossil fuels, they generate mass carbon emissions during production and remain predominantly inaccessible.
Lake Geneva’s carbon cycle

Filling in the gaps of Lake Geneva’s carbon cycle research

Marie-Elodie Perga, Associate Professor of the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics at the University of Lausanne, discusses SNSF funded Project CARBOGEN, which studies Lake Geneva’s carbon cycle.

NHS carbon emissions set to miss 2040 net zero goal

The NHS has pledged Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040, yet annual reports indicate the NHS are to miss this goal – adaption to necessary circular economy models is crucial.
short sea shipping, EU emissions

How can short sea shipping emissions be reduced?

Nikolaos P. Ventikos from the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and Angeliki Stouraiti from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) explore the environmental footprint of short sea shipping and how the EU can reduce emissions.
croplands relocation, carbon emissions

Croplands relocation could cut global carbon emissions by 71%

Croplands relocation could restore habitats and lessen carbon emissions, if major food crops were moved to minimise environmental impact.
poverty carbon emissions, un sustainable development goals

The fight against poverty would not solve carbon emissions

Research highlights that fighting poverty would not change existing climate goals, as richer countries are substantially more responsible for carbon emissions.
marine food production

Polyculture farming for marine aquaculture’s climate impact

Researchers looking at the climate impact of aquaculture find that food production can sustain a lower carbon footprint - with polyculture farming techniques.

Energy transitions: Keeping the society on board

Scientific Responsible of PARIS REINFORCE, discusses importance of an honest and inclusive conversation when considering the move to a carbon-free economy.
green targets, sustainability plan

Hitting your sustainable targets need not cost the earth

Nigel Penny, Video Collaboration Specialist at Logitech UK & IRL offers some advice on how UK public sector organisations can meet their increasing government set green targets much more efficiently.
smart infrastructure solutions

What if there was an ‘Alexa’ for smart infrastructure solutions?

Leading smart infrastructure solutions company Costain discusses the countless benefits of setting up the right data-sharing platform to help organisations transform business performance and meet carbon reduction targets.
net zero targets, carbon

Is 2021 when net zero targets become a central focus for world leaders?

More than 120 governments have announced their commitments to achieve net zero targets by the middle of this century, so will this become a central focus in 2021?
multinationals carbon emissions

A fifth of global carbon emissions stem from multinationals’ supply chains

A staggering fifth of carbon dioxide emissions come from multinational companies' global supply chains, according to a new study led by UCL and Tianjin University.
reduce their carbon footprint

Why businesses should be encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint

Nic Redfern, Finance Director, KnowYourMoney.co.uk discusses how businesses can reduce their operational costs by effectively reduce their carbon footprint.
rail schemes

Five carbon-cutting rail schemes awarded multi-million funding

Five projects have been chosen for development funding in the Department for Transport’s (DfT's) First of a Kind (FOAK competition, which focuses on innovative rail schemes that can cut the carbon footprint of the UK’s railways.
carbon footprint

Sustainability begins in the workplace: How businesses can help reduce their carbon footprint

Wulfric Blackwell, Habitats Project Manager at Thomson environmental consultants argues that sustainability begins in the workplace and reveals how businesses can help reduce their carbon footprint.
heat networks

Financing the low carbon economy: Heat networks

Meeting the UK’s legally binding climate change targets will require complete or near-complete decarbonisation of heat. This article will explain how heat networks could help to make this possible 

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