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excess heat, food production

Using excess heat to create a food production facility

SSEC-Swedish surplus energy collaboration explain in detail how excess heat from an urban district heating system creates a facility combining food production, therefore, providing local produce for greener cities.
transport infrastructure

Building the transport infrastructure that cities of the future need today

Transport networks – including public transit, private vehicles, freight and taxis – are a fundamental component of any major city. Chris Shannon, CEO, Fotech Solutions discusses the need to improve transport infrastructure for cities today rather than in the future.
high street jobs, Key Cities

High street jobs: Key Cities solutions for town and city centres

A record number of high street jobs are under threat in 2019: but could this be prevented? Read on to find out the potential solutions being discussed in local government.

UK’s productivity puzzle: What can we learn from the UK’s mid-sized cities?

Cllr Imran Khan, Bradford Council and Portfolio Holder for Skills, Key Cities examines the UK’s productivity puzzle, and asks what can we learn from the UK’s mid-sized cities?

The future of cities in the UK: A vision for 2030

Cllr Judith Blake, Chair of Core Cities UK and Leader of Leeds City Council sheds light on a new report, Cities 2030 Global Success, Local Prosperity, which details a vision of UK cities in 2030
contagious cities

Contagious Cities: Cultural programming in a policy context

Ken Arnold, Creative Director at Wellcome explains what contagious cities are and the extent to which they are considered to be cultural programming in a policy context
mid-sized cities

Mid-sized cities: The key to inclusive growth in the UK

Cllr Peter Box, Chair of Key Cities takes the stance that mid-sized cities are key to inclusive growth in the UK
UK government estate

Managing the UK government estate more effectively and efficiently

Open Access Government charts the role of the Office of Government Property (OGP) and the Government Property Agency (GPA) in managing the UK government estate more effectively and efficiently
Smart City Strategies

Smart city strategies from around the world

Rushi Rama from Future Cities Catapult gives a fascinating overview of smart city strategies from around the world The use of technology is changing everyday life for people in cities and how the city is evolving to meet their needs. This is nothing new, we only need to see how...

Swedish West Coast’s Creative Hot Spot

Creativity, innovation and a strong focus on social and cultural aspects of sustainability are at the very heart of developing the Municipality of Varberg
importance of cities

The importance of cities as partners in successful governance

Anna Lisa Boni, secretary general, EUROCITIES shares her reflections on the growing importance of cities as agenda setters

Connecting Nature project will focus on bringing nature to EU cities

Trinity College professors are to lead a €12m Horizon 2020-funded project to bring nature back to European cities
drug taking habits

Wastewater reveals drug taking habits of European cities

Wastewater analysis from the SCORE group and the EU drugs agency highlights the drug taking habits of European cities’ inhabitants The latest findings from the Europe-wide SCORE group – the largest European project on wastewater analysis – have been published this week, in association with the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA)....
Open cities are the future of Europe, says Lisbon Mayor

Open cities are the future, says Lisbon mayor at Web Summit

Inclusive, open cities and societies will be key as we tackle climate change and embrace technological progress, says Lisbon mayor at Web Summit Open cities have what it takes to succeed in the face of four key challenges to society today, the Mayor of Lisbon said this morning as Web...
cohesion in Bratislava

Promoting cohesion in Bratislava

Pavol Frešo, President of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region outlines to AG, why events such as the COR Summit back in July are so important to for cohesion in Bratislava and the rest of Europe The summit of regions and cities, held in Bratislava on 8-9 July 2016, was the biggest...

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