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healthcare organisations

Are healthcare organisations finally making a move to the cloud?

Sam Woodcock, Director Solutions Architect EMEA and APAC at iland, looks at the future of cloud adoption in healthcare organisations, throughout this article 
local government

A smart approach to cloud confidence for local government

Michael Segal, Area VP Strategy, NETSCOUT, discusses the need for local government to accelerate the adoption cloud technology, in this article

Previse announces G-Cloud 10 listing

Previse, the global instant supplier payments decisions company, has today announced it has been accepted onto the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework
local governments

How cloud can help local governments to improve services

Anwen Robinson, UK Operating Officer at TechnologyOne looks at how cloud technology can help local governments to improve its services, in this article
Photonic quantum

Photonic quantum technology for quantum computing, data protection and fundamental quantum science

The Quantum Information Science and Quantum Computation group at the University of Vienna, Austria, uses single quanta of light to explore fascinating phenomena ranging from the foundations of quantum physics to guaranteeing the data confidentiality and privacy in cloud computing, as this compelling analysis reveals.
G-Cloud 10

SMEs given opportunity to supply cloud computing services to government with new G-Cloud 10

The new G-Cloud 10 framework, which could eventually be worth £600 million, is now open for business and thousands of SMEs are lining up to provide their services to the government
flexible work

Technology and flexible working patterns: Transforming the way we work

Richard Morris, UK CEO of International Workplace Group (IWG) explains how technology and flexible working patterns are transforming the way the public sector and other organisations work in the UK today 
cloud over AI

On Cloud Nine: Why the public sector is putting cloud over AI

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are being rapidly adopted in the business world, but is the public sector following suit? The answer appears to be slowly, as a recent report published by SolarWinds found
cloud-first IT strategy

Nuffield Health embarks upon cloud-first IT strategy

Nuffield Health deploys UK-wide SD-WAN with Silver Peak as it embarks upon a cloud-first IT strategy 
cloud adoption

Cloud adoption in government: why it is no longer a digital dinosaur

Mark Shephard, Regional Director UKI, Middle East & Africa Zscaler delves into the world of digital transformation within the UK Government

The future of accountancy in the digital landscape

This article will explore how the changes to the accountancy sector in a modern digital world affects how clients interact with accountants and the day to day changes to accountants jobs
public cloud

Central government: you can keep your feet on-premises, but have your head in the...

It’s no secret that public cloud is becoming an increasingly popular option for enterprises to adopt as a means of storing data in a way that is easily accessible. To encourage the public sector in the U.K. to take the steps required to adopt public cloud, the U.K. government introduced the ‘Cloud First’ policy in 2013; this states that when making technology decisions, all public sector organisations should consider using the public cloud before considering any other options
computing in medical imaging

Cloud computing in medical imaging: Not a matter of if, but when

Nadim Michel Daher, industry principal at Frost & Sullivan reveals his views on the vital role of Cloud computing in medical imaging.
command and control center

HPE implements India’s first cloud-based integrated command and control center

BSCDCL smart cities project selects HPE to design, build and run multiple city command and control center operations
working practices

The importance of smarter working practices in government

MF Warrender of Open Access Government explores the importance of smarter working practices across government Established in 2010, The Government Property Unit (GPU) works with central government departments, striving to drive savings across the government estate. Added to this, the GPU works with local authorities to support them in achieving...

Where next for public sector networking?

Michael Bowyer, Director at Industry Association, Innopsis looks at how technology in the public sector is changing and the benefits to be had

A springboard to the cloud: Putting a plan into action

Andrew Mellish, of Six Degrees Group Company Carrenza shares the challenges public sector organisations face when it comes to implementing cloud services
Cloud is first and it’s native to the public sector already

Cloud is first and it’s native to the public sector already

Software Europe's Chief Sales Officer, Deborah Saunby, shares her views on the move from ‘cloud first’ to ‘cloud native’ within the public sector Back in 2013, GDS published a policy that said all public sector buyers of IT products should consider the cloud as their first option, hence ‘cloud first’....
Whitehall government cloud technology

Cloud technology: A mandate for local government

When the bottom line is all-important, cloud technology can help local government with everything from disaster recovery to shared services Local government needs to meet local needs. Government leaders are now expected to find ways to adopt technological innovations to increase citizen and business satisfaction against a backdrop of reducing...
Servers in cloud data centres

IBM to open new cloud data centres in UK

Four new cloud data centres will be opened by tech giant IBM in the UK to keep pace with growing demand, the company has revealed today Multinational technology giant IBM announced today that it will build four new cloud data centres in the UK, to keep pace with growing client...

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