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Britain’s cashless society : Over 394 ATM’s close each month in the UK

Research by Paymentsense reveals that ATM’s are closing at an alarming rate across Britain, after over 4,735 ATMs vanished between July 2017 and June 2018

Cashless cities topping the charts for card payments revealed

New data reveals the UK cities leading accelerated growth in contactless payments with the top 10 expected to go cashless first
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Lloyds Bank bans customers from using credit cards to buy bitcoins

Lloyds banking group has banned credit card customers from being able to buy bitcoins over fears it could lead to huge debt The group is thought to be the first bank in the UK to ban credit card customers from borrowing money to buy bitcoins due to its plunging value. The...
Effective procurement is essential

Credit card companies extend limits for those with debt

A charity has claimed that major credit card companies have been automatically extending credit card limits for those already burdened by debt

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