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insolvency process

How to manage an insolvency process

John Bell, director and founder of Clarke Bell, discusses how a company can manage an insolvency process when going out of business is the only option.
corporate debt

Handling corporate debt in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak

Hiren Gandhi, partner at Blaser Mills Law, outlines the government schemes available to help businesses if they find themselves in corporate debt as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.
alleviate debt

Providing a new set of tools to alleviate debt  

In recognition of Debt Awareness Week, Lubaina Manji, Senior Programme Manager, Nesta Challenges, explores how open banking has enabled fintech to provide a new set of tools to alleviate debt.
talking about debt

The importance of talking about debt

Our finances are a topic that we veer away from in conversations with friends and family. This is particularly true when it comes to talking about debt – a subject still very much considered a taboo.
UK adults, in debt

Over three-fifths of UK adults are in debt

KnowYourMoney.co.uk has commissioned a survey among more than 2,000 UK adults to uncover people’s attitudes towards being in debt and how they are managing it.
student debt

Research reveals 83% of graduates will never repay their student debt

Whilst higher education is subsidised by the government through student loans, is it enough to save graduates from student debt, and how has this affected the UK economy?
money worries

Research reveals kids worry about their parents not having enough money

To mark Talk Money week, Equifax reveals how children deal with family money worries

Consumer debt: A quarter of customers happy for service providers to share personal data

More than a quarter of UK consumers would be happy for service providers to share their personal data with other suppliers or third parties, according to new research
citizen debt

A holistic view of citizen debt is crucial to collection

Gary Bell, Executive Director of Civica, advises how councils can better collect the large sums of money owed to them in this article 
debt help

UK consumers feel unable to ask energy provider for debt help

More than half (52%) of people in the UK feel there is a negative stigma attached to asking for debt help, according to new research
debt support

Research finds lack of awareness about debt support systems

New research has found severely low levels of awareness about the support systems available to utility customers who find themselves in circumstances of vulnerability
welfare payments

Modernising welfare payments in the UK

Director of Public Sector at Mastercard, Sam Mazloum explores why modernising welfare payments can be transformative for government and service user – and is not as difficult as it sounds

Nearly 2 in 10 students have gone over their agreed overdraft limit

New YouGov research commissioned by Equifax *, the credit information provider, shows how much students rely on short-term debt, particularly overdraft facilities, to get them through university
buy bitcoins

Lloyds Bank bans customers from using credit cards to buy bitcoins

Lloyds banking group has banned credit card customers from being able to buy bitcoins over fears it could lead to huge debt The group is thought to be the first bank in the UK to ban credit card customers from borrowing money to buy bitcoins due to its plunging value. The...
Finnish Economy

The outlook of the Finnish economy

Finland’s Ministry of Finance lifts the lid on the current phase of rapid growth of the Finnish economy and their expectations for the same in 2018
household finances

MPs launch inquiry into household finances as debt grows

The Treasury Select Committee, led by Nicky Morgan, has launched an inquiry into household finances as debt grows to £200 billion The inquiry will look into household finances, and debt in particular, which has reached levels not seen since the 2008 financial crisis. The committee will also examine how effectively families...
interest rates

Bank of England says interest rates could rise as soon as November

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has said that interest rates could rise as soon as November and admitted fears over household debt
public inquiry

Public inquiry needed into debt crisis, insist senior MPs

Senior MPs have urged the government to open up a public inquiry into the £200 billion worth of debt burdening households across the country Two Labour parliamentary committee chairs have urged the government to open a public inquiry into the levels of debt burdening people in the UK, examining the...
100,000 people in North Staffs have debt problems

100,000 people in North Staffs have debt problems

A new report has revealed a significant number of residents in North Staffordshire have significant debt problems A total of 68,400 residents in Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire, are at least three months behind on their bills or feel burdened by their debts, it has emerged. This amounts to a staggering 35.7...
NHS deficit is nearly £500m

Figures show NHS deficit is nearly £500m

According to new figures, the NHS in England ran up a deficit of nearly £500m in the first few months of the financial year. Reports published by Monitor and the Trust Development Agency have revealed that the NHS in England was in almost £500m deficit in the first few months...

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