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inflammatory bowel diseases

Changing the treatment paradigm in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Prof. Hartmut J. Ehrlich, M.D., CEO of Abivax, explains why drug-candidate ABX464 has the potential to address the urgent need for new, safe short- and long-term effective drugs to treat Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.
public health response

Public health response to dementia

Chris Lynch, Deputy CEO at Alzheimer’s Disease International, sheds light on the WHO Global action plan on the public health response to dementia 2017-2025.
Osteogenesis Imperfecta

What is Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI)?

Patricia Osborne, Chief Executive of the Brittle Bone Society, tells us what we need to know about Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
Patients and Public Involvement

Patient and Public Involvement at the heart of brain research

Professor Mogens Hørder, PPI expert, JPND’s management board member and representative of member state Denmark, discusses how Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is at the heart of neurodegenerative disease research.
organ transplants

Organ transplants fell by a third during first wave of COVID-19

Organ transplants performed during the first wave of COVID-19 fell by a third compared to 2019, according to a new study.
living with Huntington's Disease

Supporting families living with Huntington’s Disease

Chief Executive of the Huntington’s Disease Association, Cath Stanley, maps out the charities ongoing work to support its community, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
third COVID-19 vaccine

Clinical trial to test third COVID-19 vaccine for people with weakened immune systems

A new clinical trial will investigate whether a third COVID-19 vaccine dose gives a stronger immune response for people with weakened immune systems.
regenerative cell therapeutics

The future of regenerative cell therapeutics

Tobias Deuse, Cardiac Surgeon and Scientist at University of California San Francisco, reveals to us the future of regenerative cell therapeutics.
landscape for type 1 diabetes

A changing landscape for type 1 diabetes

Dr Faye Riley, Senior Research Communications Officer at Diabetes UK, charts a changing landscape for type 1 diabetes.
long COVID patients

NHS GP says long COVID patients “shouldn’t suffer in silence”

NHS GP and lead GP at Numan, Dr Luke Pratsides tells us everything he knows about the symptoms of long COVID and what’s being done to tackle this novel disease.
mosquito control

New mosquito control tools are critical

Leo Braack, Malaria Consortium’s Senior Vector Control Specialist, recounts the ongoing battle against vector-borne diseases and shares why the need for new mosquito control tools has become critical.
Myopia management

Myopia management: Looking after the “other” pandemic

Max Halford FBCO CL, Clinical Lead at Association of British Dispensing Opticians, turns our thoughts towards the “other” pandemic, myopia management.
antibody treatments

Campaigners call for approval of life saving COVID-19 antibody treatments

A group of patient bodies, charities and senior clinicians have urged the Government to approve the use of life-saving COVID-19 antibody treatments.
liver transplant

Black liver transplant patients have lower survival rates than white or Hispanic patients

Black recipients of liver transplants have lower post-transplant survival rates than white or Hispanic patients, according to a new study from Keck Medicine of USC.
lower your blood pressure

Natural ways to lower your blood pressure

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us about all the way you can naturally lower your blood pressure without medical intervention.
flu jab

Flu jab will be freely available to more than 35 million people this winter

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid has announced that over 35 million people will have access to a free flu vaccine this winter.
reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry

Here, Professor Mutlu Özcan at the University of Zurich, discusses reconstructive dentistry via the lens of new biomaterials and technologies.
swine fever

Animal health: African swine fever

African swine fever is placed under the spotlight here by Prof. Dr. José Manuel Sánchez-Vizcaíno, Full Professor of Animal Health at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Africa research chair

Oliver R Tambo Africa Research Chair at SACIDS Foundation for One Health

Named after a freedom fighter who spoke up for science and tech, a group of African and international research funders under the OR Tambo Africa Research Chairs Initiative announced Prof Gerald Misinzo and his institution Sokoine University of Agriculture as one of the initiative’s first ten individual research chair holders and host institutions.
impacts of pesticides

Tackling the impacts of pesticides on human, animal and environmental health

Jane Mills, University of Gloucestershire, tells us about the SPRINT project’s aim to tackle the impacts of pesticides on human, animal and environmental health.

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