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Understanding Flaviviruses: Deciphering insect-borne virus strategies

Understanding the infection strategy of mosquito-borne viruses known as flaviviruses is key in the future development of treatments and possible vaccines
late-onset alcohol abuse

Late-onset alcohol abuse can be symptom of dementia

According to new results in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, patients who start abusing alcohol in later life – after age 40 – maybe doing so due to underlying dementia
food safety, raw chicken

Food safety: Over 25% of people cook with raw chicken

Over a quarter of study participants contaminate salad with raw chicken – not washing surfaces efficiently or cooking chicken properly can pose great threats to food safety.
neuroscience research, diseases

Understanding the brain: hope for neuroscience research

Advancing neuroscience research improves quality of life for all people with neurological disorders, and ultimately can prevent or cure these diseases. Open Access Government highlight some research priorities in neuroscience.
amyloid, membrane channels structures

Amyloid oligomer & membrane channel structures

H. Robert Guy, CEO from Amyloid Research Consultants, ascertains why amyloid oligomer & membrane channels structures can & must be determined.
digital mobility, pulmonary disease

Next-generation digital tools for mobility in research & health

Beatrix Vereijken and Lynn Rochester share how Mobilise-D develops digital technology to measure mobility in daily life to transform clinical research and health.
covid-19 drugs, SARS-CoV-2

Can mice be an effective model animal for Covid-19?

Examining existing approved compounds to treat Covid-19 can significantly speed up the development of drugs.
visual impairment, biomarkers

The global cost of visual impairment

250 million people suffer from visual impairment at a global cost of $3 trillion, Translational Imaging Innovations explain.
tropical leishmaniases, immunology

Do the arts of the treating tropical leishmaniases teach important lessons?

Professor Peter Bretscher, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Saskatchewan, explains what we can learn from the treatment and prevention of tropical leishmaniases.
dengue cases covid-19, Southeast Asia, Latin America

750,000 fewer dengue cases during COVID-19 closures in 2020

During the height of restrictions and workplace closures for COVID-19, dengue cases dropped across 23 countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia.
eye health research, eye treatment

The time is right to prioritise eye health research

Keith Valentine, Chief Executive of Fight for Sight, explains why eye health research needs to be on the political agenda.
inequalities in physical activity, health inequality

Tackling inequalities in physical activity

Elisabeth Morgans, Senior project manager at C3 Collaborating for Health, discusses solutions to tackle physical inactivity and overcome the ever pervasive and entrenched issue of health inequality.
non-communicable diseases indigenous,

Study finds increase in hypertension for Indigenous communities 

With limited knowledge about how non-communicable diseases affect vulnerable populations, researchers find that indigenous people are unusually affected by hypertension.
temperature infectious diseases, climate change disease

How do temperature variations affect infectious diseases?

Climate change is set to rise temperatures globally through greenhouse gas emissions, amidst this change, rates of infectious diseases are to become increasingly difficult to predict.

Third known case of HIV remission after stem cell transplant

After receiving a cord blood stem cell transplant to treat acute myeloid leukaemia a woman with diagnosed HIV has had no detectable levels of HIV for 14 months
sex education pleasure, sti

The key to safe sex education is understanding pleasure

Acknowledging pleasure as a key driver of sexual behaviour has more success in teaching safe sex than traditional sex education – as well as targeting STI/HIV risk reduction.
reproductive obesity, endometriosis

Female reproductive disorders may be heightened by obesity

Researchers find a link between obesity, metabolic hormones, and female reproductive disorders - suggesting obesity may elevate the risk.
pandemic resource allocation, covid-19 university

New model simplifies resource allocation to slow pandemic

A model developed by Boston University can project COVID housing needs, up to ten days in advance - which can slow the spread of the virus.

Secrets of the immune system could help unlock future MS treatments

Researchers have identified why certain cells in the body, known as Th17 cells can go rogue and promote the onset of MS
mutated als gene

New gene-silencing drug could help with ALS

New research suggests that in suppressing a mutated ALS gene, it may be possible to delay to onset of symptoms.

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