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importance of psychedelic medicine

The impact and importance of psychedelic medicine

Here, we discover the impact and importance of psychedelic medicine through the eyes of Amanda Feilding, Director of The Beckley Foundation.
drug use

NHS Digital calls on schools to take part in Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use...

NHS Digital is calling on secondary schools to take part in the Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among young people in England survey.
first malaria vaccine

Malaria deaths reduced by 70% with vaccine and drug combination

A combination of the world’s first malaria vaccine RTS,S/AS01E and antimalarial drugs reduce child hospitalisations and death by 70%.
covid-19 booster jab

COVID-19 booster jab will offer better protection against variants

COVID-19 booster jab will protect people from existing, and potentially future, variants, according to scientists at the University of Nottingham.
brain injury

Hormones contribute to movement impairment after brain injury

Hormones released after a brain injury contribute to movement problems on the left and right sides of the body, according to a new study.

Fenofibrate could reduce COVID-19 infection by 70%

According to a new study, fenofibrate, a drug used to treat abnormal levels of fatty substances in the blood, could reduce COVID-19 infection by up to 70%.
overdose deaths, heart donation

Study finds heart donations from overdose deaths safe to use

According to the American Heart Association, a heart donor using illegal drugs or dying from an overdose does not make the resultant transplant unsafe.
blood clotting

Blood clotting from severe COVID-19 caused by abnormal antibodies

Blood clotting and inflammation seen in very severe COVID-19 cases may be caused by abnormal antibodies, according to a new study.
melanoma cells

Antibiotics effective in treating melanoma

Researchers at KU Leuven have discovered that certain antibiotics appear to be effective in treating a form of skin cancer known as melanoma.
ivermectin for acne

What is ivermectin for acne rosacea?

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, instructs us on how to use ivermectin to treat acne rosacea.
early onset psychosis

Patients with early onset psychosis could benefit from treatment for depression

Treatment for depression, including anti-depressants and other medication, may benefit patients with early onset psychosis.
brimonidine tartrate gel

Acne rosacea: What is brimonidine tartrate gel?

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us all about brimonidine gel as an effective treatment for acne rosacea.
treatment for acne rosacea

Metrogel and rosex gel as a treatment for acne rosacea

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, examines how metronidazole gel works as a treatment for acne rosacea, how effective it is and how to use it.
statin medication

Cholesterol medication may reduce COVID-19 severity

Researchers have confirmed that statin medication lower the risk of in-hospital death from COVID-19, following a new study.
compliance for medical cannabis

Ensuring regulatory compliance for Medical Cannabis

Here, Evolve Ltd’s Managing Director, Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, takes us progressively deeper into what it takes to ensure regulatory compliance for Medical Cannabis.
COVID vaccine development

Why COVID vaccine development was exceptionally speedy

Ram May-Ron, Managing Partner at FreeMind Group, explains why COVID vaccine development was exceptionally speedy.
injecting insulin

The stress of making diabetes decisions

Cyndi Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of Quin, explores the stress of making diabetes decisions when it comes to injecting insulin.
medicines and vaccines

Countries denied access to vaccines they helped develop

A new study has revealed that new medicines and vaccines approved for use in the United States are often unavailable in countries that helped to develop them.
heparin alternative, blood clot

Doctors stop vaccine-blood clot with heparin alternative

A patient with vaccine-inducted thrombotic thrombocytopenia was successfully treated with a heparin alternative, after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
minorities with opioid use disorder, racial minorities

How is COVID impacting racial minorities with opioid use disorder?

Researchers worked with racial minorities with opioid use disorder to document how this doubly-vulnerable group were impacted by COVID.

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