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Nuclear medicine scanning of patient with prostate cancer metastasis in areas of pelvis and spine in different colours

Betamethasone may improve prostate cancer radiation therapy

Common steroid betamethasone could be used to reduce unwanted side effects of radiation treatments for prostate cancer.
Man taking oral drug

Body posture affects oral drug absorption

Although swallowing a pill is the easiest way of administering a drug, research shows that body posture impacts oral drug absorption.
Man sat on staircase, tired and sad after drug relapse

Drug relapse and withdrawal worsened by sleep disruptions

Relapse presents a major barrier to recovery from substance use disorders, and sleep disruptions have long been associated with drug withdrawal and relapse.
Vitamin B6 tablets forming the word 'B6' on a blue background

Vitamin B6 supplements help reduce anxiety and depression

Taking high-dose vitamin B6 tablets can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, new research reveals.
Text reads: HRT Replacement Therapy on light box. Menopause, hormone therapy concept. Pink background with alarm clock

The Decision-Making Guide to taking HRT

In this exclusive guide to HRT, menopause specialist Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, explores the ups and downs involved in the decision to start taking HRT
Woman picking up migraine drug in supermarket in order to try lose weight

Migraine drug can boost weight loss by suppressing appetite

Triptans, a commonly prescribed class of migraine drugs, can help with weight loss and treating obesity by suppressing appetite.
alcohol use disorder, drinking alone

Drinking alone can indicate signs of alcohol use disorder

For young adults, especially women, drinking alone can increase the risk of developing an alcohol use disorder later in life.
dark web

Exposing the criminal underground of the dark web

Open Access Governments speaks with Gareth Owenson, one of the founders of Searchlight, to uncover the murky underbelly of the world wide web.
coping mechanism

Sexual minorities more likely to have risky coping mechanisms

Sexual minorities are more likely to engage in risky coping mechanisms such as having unprotected sex, drinking and smoking.

Cannabinoids as an alternative to opioids for chronic pain

Cannabinoids with high THC-to-CBD ratios can help to improve moderate, short-term chronic pain band may be an alternative to opioids.
emergency department, cannabis users

Cannabis users 22% more likely to need emergency care and hospitalisation

Emergency department attendance and instances requiring hospitalisations are 22% higher among cannabis users compared with those who do not.
full spectrum cbd, Cannabidiol

Full spectrum CBD: What Sets Charlotte’s Web Apart

Here, Savage Cabbage explain why their full-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) products are different to others on the market.

UK Cannabis Industry – the next Scottish Whisky

Nick Morland, Tenacious Labs CEO, All-Party Parliamentary Group for CBD Products Secretariat, Jersey Cannabis Services Advisory Board Chair, writes about the UK Cannabis Industry – could this be the next Scottish Whisky?
festivals, transformative experiences

“Transformative experiences” of festivals can help connect humanity

People attending festivals commonly report having transformative experiences – which researchers find to improve connection to humanity and willingness to help others.
drug overdose deaths, stigma

Research combats rise of drug overdose deaths by addressing stigma

Looking at rising cases of drug overdose deaths, researchers discuss how stigma correlates to poor health outcomes for those struggling with addiction.
cannabis plants, Thailand

Thailand gives out one million free cannabis plants to promote legalisation

One million homes will be given cannabis plants across Thailand, to mark the legalisation and attract foreign tourists – to be used for ‘medicinal purposes’ only.

Study explores cheaper way to produce compounds for pharmaceuticals

Researchers have developed a new tool that can make it easier and cheaper to fabricate the compounds needed for pharmaceuticals.

Ivermectin does not stop risk of COVID hospitalisation

According to a large study, ivermectin does not protect virus patients from the risk of COVID hospitalisation - performing the same as the placebo.
HRT shortages, menopausal women

HRT shortages create severe mental health issues in UK

Menopausal and perimenopausal women in the UK face a significant health issue, as HRT shortages lead to black market alternatives and increased risks of suicide.
legalised marijuana, prescription drugs

Legalised marijuana decreases prescription drug use

Recreational and medicinal legalised marijuana can reduce demand for prescription drugs, via state Medicaid programmes.

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