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Drug with the ability to reprogramme aggressive brain tumours 

Study shows L-methylfolate, when administered alongside standard therapy for glioblastomas, changed the DNA process within a patients tumour

Combining AI tech with drug development efforts

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) change the process of drug development for the pharmaceutical industry?

25% of global rivers have significant pharmaceutical pollution

Data finds that over one quarter of global rivers have significant pharmaceutical pollution - including toxic levels of antibiotics.
resource-restricted settings

Challenges of clinical microbiology in resource-restricted settings

Dr Zisis Kozlakidis & Prof Olivier Vandenberg, describe the challenges of clinical microbiology in resource-restricted settings
cell heterogeneity

Single cell cancer research

Chair of Medical Cell BioPhysics Leon WMM Terstappen highlights why the interrogation of the cancer cells at the single cell level is required to truly understand cancer development.
trametinib ovarian cancer, low grade serous cancer

Drug for ovarian cancer shows 52% reduction in death

Scientists have began using trametinib – used to treat skin and lung cancers – for ovarian cancer, showing that it can significantly slow the progression of the cancer.
medical cannabis eu

Medical cannabis-based treatments: Research, production & distribution

Prof Trevor M Jones charts the priorities for research and development, production and distribution of medical cannabis-based treatments
dismantle crime, levelling up

Levelling Up promises £3 billion on drug enforcement

Neighbourhood crime is at the heart of the policy, with the UK promising to cut homicide, serious violence and more by 2030.
suicides drug overdose, intentional overdose

Suicide by intentional overdose increased in some communities

A study finds that suicides by intentional drug overdose has increased among young people, elderly people, and Black women across the US.
nhs digital alcohol, alcohol misuse

NHS reports 980,000 alcohol-related hospital admissions since 2019

An NHS report of alcohol hospitalisations, alcohol affordability, and prescriptions for drugs to treat alcohol dependence, finds that alcohol misuse is increasing across the UK.
mutated als gene

New gene-silencing drug could help with ALS

New research suggests that in suppressing a mutated ALS gene, it may be possible to delay to onset of symptoms.
alcohol use disorder, alcohol abuse

A new framework identifies people with alcohol use disorder

A new framework by researchers can help identify and diagnose alcohol use disorder based on symptoms, so patients can be given personalised treatment options.
performance enhancing drugs

Performance enhancing drugs can induce eating disorders

A study finds that performance and appearance enhancing drugs are closely linked to eating disorder symptoms in the US - especially in college-age groups.

Antimicrobial resistance now kills more people than HIV or malaria

According to a new study in The Lancet, antimicrobial resistance is now a leading cause of death worldwide, higher than HIV/AIDS or malaria.
blood pressure medication

Potential kidney damage from long-term use of blood pressure drugs

Research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine brings attention to the dangers of long-term use of blood pressure medication
brain tumour patients

Getting personal in brain tumour therapy: Matching therapies to patients

Sean E. Lawler PhD from Brown University Cancer Center, an experienced scientist in the brain tumour field
organic synthesis

Chemistry: Catalyst developments for organic synthesis

Prof Masahiro Kamitani from the Department of Chemistry at Kitasato University, Japan, introduces recent advances in the development of catalysts for organic synthesis and iron catalysts as alternatives for precious metal catalysts.
tobacco products

Tobacco control and prevention efforts in the U.S

Mitch Zeller, discusses here how the U.S. federal review of e-cigarettes and othertobacco products helps protect public health
mental illness psychedelics

Treating mental illness with psychedelics

To try find better solutions to mental health problems across the U.S., researchers looked at drugs to combat mental illness in mice, with results already transpiring from just one dose.
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology - Chuo University

In scilico drug repositioning targeting SARS-CoV-2

Development of effective drugs toward COVID-19 is urgently required, and so research is being implemented with in scilico drug repositioning.

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