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Search and rescue efforts continue in an apartment destroyed in the earthquake that occurred on the morning of February 6, 2023

UK government aid for Turkey and Syria earthquakes: how else can we help?

Following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake across Turkey and Syria, over 37,000 people have died so far. Other than UK government aid, what can we do to help? On 6 February 2023, homes and areas of towns and cities across Turkey and Syria were been turned to rubble, as major earthquakes...
The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai eruption as seen from orbit.

The Tonga volcano eruption caused a 90-metre-high tsunami wave

The tsunami wave created by the Tonga volcano eruption reached over 90 metres in height, which is approximately nine times taller than the Japan tsunami in 2011.
seabed environment,

Using geophysical tools detecting the trace of active fault on seafloor

Gwo-shyh Song discusses one of the sub-projects of the Taiwan Earthquakes Center to conduct a high-resolution seabed geophysical survey around Taiwan offshore areas.
volcanic eruption, geologists

How structural geologists help forecast volcanic eruptions

Craig Magee, NERC Independent Research Fellow at the University of Leeds illustrates the important role of structural geology in improving volcano forecasting.
the atmosphere

Monitoring changes occurring in the atmosphere

In the latest interview with Open Access Government, the National Center of Meteorology tell us more about their priority areas, such as the importance of earthquake monitoring.
geophysical survey research, taiwan

Taiwan: High-resolution seabed geophysical survey research

Gwo-shyh Song, Associate Professor at the National Taiwan University and Global Aqua Survey Ltd, walks us through his high-resolution seabed geophysical survey research around offshore areas in Taiwan.
earthquake early warning system, NCREE

Earthquake Early Warning System: What is next for this technology?

NCREE (National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering) explain how they have developed an Earthquake Early Warning System which can estimate the oncoming waves.
Asia Analysis April 2020

Asia Analysis – April 2020 edition

In this April 2020 edition of Asia Analysis, we hear from Agnieszka Kuczynska from AGH University of Science and Technology, who charts the prominence of digital transformation in Japan and the European Union today.
earthquake monitoring

Earthquake monitoring in Taiwan: Current status and future perspective

Deputy Director of the Seismological Center Central Weather Bureau (CWB) in Taiwan, Nai-Chi Hsiao, explains the current status and future perspective of earthquake monitoring in Taiwan.
Research on Earthquake Engineering, early warning

National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering

Professor Pei-Yang Lin explains the The National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) technology that can change the game.
importance of earthquake preparedness

The importance of earthquake preparedness, mitigation and resiliency

Several experts from the Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan share their views here on the importance of earthquake preparedness, mitigation and resiliency.
earthquakes in Taiwan

Learning about earthquakes in Taiwan

Here, we learn about earthquakes in Taiwan, including the causes of them, the benefits of the Earthquake Early Warning System and the real-time seismic network in the country.
introduction to earthquakes

An introduction to earthquakes in the U.S.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) introduces what an earthquake is and what causes them to happen, plus the depth at which they occur.

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