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British pound notes and coins

Why is the value of the British pound falling and what is a mini...

The British pound has fallen below the US dollar, as the Tory ‘mini budget’ enacts the biggest tax cuts seen in 50 years.
Brexit agreement, Europe and UK economy deal, financial, investment or currency exchange concept, miniature businessman figurine hand shaking and looking at stars on pile of Euro banknotes

The cost of non-Europe: Impact on the internal market

Emilie Prouzet, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, Employers’ Group (Group I), discusses how the cost of non-Europe represents thousands of missed opportunities to deepen the internal market.
STUTTGART, GERMANY - AUG 18: The Stuttgart City Library

Germany’s professional needs – is education the answer?

Prof Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI), delves into the perspectives of Germany’s professional needs, including if education provides a solution to this.
Meeting a team of business men, Executives and accountants meeting about the company's revenue graph in the office with laptops

Predictable, profitable and resilient revenue during times of volatility

How do we generate resilient revenue during pandemics and periods of inflation? The answer lies in rethinking revenue planning and attaining the right technology.
levelling up, economy

Levelling up small businesses is now more important than ever in the UK

Levelling up is stalling, as the government needs to push further initiatives to create inclusive growth for small businesses in the UK.
wealthiest generation, diamond jubilee generation

The Diamond Jubilee Generation: the borrowed success of the wealthiest generation

As the wealthiest generation in Britain, the Diamond Jubilee Generation's opportunities and government policies vastly differ from generations after them.
post pandemic health, economic recovery

Social care at the heart of post-pandemic health & economic recovery

Mitesh Dhanak, Chair of the Organising Committee of Championing Social Care and Founder of Precious Homes, states the case for putting social care at the heart of post-pandemic health and economic recovery.
new procurement bill, business

UK’s New Procurement Bill to replace 350 EU laws for business growth

A more flexible and simple New Procurement Bill is to replace 350 of the EU’s laws to drive economic growth and open business for SMEs.
UK Shared prosperity fund

Major winners & losers through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Development, provides analysis on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, arguing that “the landscape is most definitely being tidied up after years of confusing approaches”.
european hydrogen economy, hydrogen

President von der Leyen pushes for European hydrogen economy

EU leaders push for the implementation of a European hydrogen economy, to replace reliance on Russian energy sources.
poverty trap, assets

Asset transfer programmes could pull people out of the poverty trap

When rural poor people get a one-time capital boost, it helps them accumulate assets and find better occupations - pulling them from the poverty trap.
financial education, future employees

Financial education could inspire a generation of future employees

Sharon Davies, CEO of Young Enterprise, says that the right financial education could inspire a generation of capable, future employees.
preventing cardiovascular disease, SPICES project

Preventing cardiovascular disease through implementation and participatory research

Hilde Bastiaens, Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator, and Geofrey Musinguzi, Project Manager of Horizon 2020 funded SPICES reveal why engaging with communities is important in preventing cardiovascular disease.
canada ISED, economic development

Canada: Supporting research coast-to-coast Innovation, Science & Economic Development

Canada (ISED) works in all areas of the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, enhance innovation performance, increase Canada’s share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace.
economic security, AI

NIST: Advancing innovation for quality of life

The National Institute of Standards & Technology works to promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards and technology to enhance economic security and improve quality of life.
unfair inequality, u.s economy

US has second highest level of ‘unfair inequality’ globally

Economists define inequality as unfair if people have unequal opportunities or insufficient resources to make ends meet.
technology unitary councils, levelling up

County devolution: How technology can make unitary councils a timeless trend

Scott Goodwin, Head of Local Government at Idox, explains how technology can make unitary councils a lasting and functional element.
science and evidence, social contract education

A new social contract for education: Science & evidence

Anantha Duraiappah, Director at UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), describes a new social contract for education, including why science and evidence matter.
place-based budgets

“Place-based budgets” and listening to what works needed for towns revival

Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Development, lifts the lid on the findings of new research on town centre regeneration.

Nearly one third of UK households will struggle with energy bills

With fuel prices in the UK set to rise on April 1, 2022, new economic projections find that nearly one third of households will struggle pay energy bills.

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