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Environment Agency continues to tackle flooding across the UK

Ongoing river flooding continues to impact communities in parts of South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

Hull’s £42 million tidal flood scheme given go ahead

£42 million tidal flood scheme has now had final sign off from the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
flood defences

Planning application submitted for Leeds flood defences

Plans for the next phase of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme to reduce flood risk along the River Aire have now been submitted.
flood wall

Port of Blyth complete Northumberland £600,000 flood scheme

The Environment Agency and Port of Blyth have worked together to build a £600,000 flood wall to protect homes and businesses in Blyth.
Yellow Fish campaign

Environment Agency’s Yellow Fish campaign reminds the public not to pollute

The Environment Agency is using imagery of yellow fish to alert people on the Kent coast to what happens when they pour fat, oils or other waste down their yard drains or road gullies.
untreated sewage

Water company fined for unpermitted pollution

Northumbrian Water Ltd has been fined for unpermitted discharges of untreated sewage following an investigation by the Environment Agency.
dry weather

Environment Agency improves incident response to tackle impacts of dry weather

The Environment Agency has stepped up its incident response to tackle the impacts of continued dry weather, following the driest June since 1925
water efficiency

Environment Agency calls for action on water efficiency

Rivers and wildlife could be left without sufficient water unless action is taken to reduce water use and wastage, according to an Environment Agency report
flood risk

Households warned to be aware of flood risk from thawing snow

A flood resilience campaigner is warning households to be prepared for the thaw which could cause flooding following the recent spell of wintry conditions across the UK
flood defence scheme

Exeter to begin work on flood defence scheme

Essential construction will begin on station road in April 2018 as part of a flood defence scheme
frequent flooding

Environment Agency launch campaign to prepare for frequent flooding

The Environment Agency have warned that climate change will cause more frequent flooding in the UK and have launched their 'Flood Action Campaign' to prepare those at risk.
prepare for floods

Environment Agency help children to prepare for floods at school

The Environment Agency are running ‘Flood Weeks’ at schools in the North East of England to help children prepare for floods in their local areas.
chemical spill

Environment agency work to reduce impact of accidental chemical spill

Environment Agency officers are continuing to investigate and monitor the impact on the local environment, following a chemical spill at an industrial unit on Adams Close, Heanor, Derbyshire The incident On Tuesday 6th February, a chemical spill of around 400 litres of liquid cyanide, caused a small amount to leak into...
waste and fishing offences angler

Crackdown continues on waste and fishing offences in the North East

Nearly £220,000 in fines and costs were imposed following Environment Agency investigations into waste and fishing offences in the North East last year An Environment Agency crackdown on waste and fishing offences in the North East saw more than 80 prosecutions imposed by courts over the course of 2016. Enforcement activity...
Flood defence money Thames barrier

Half of flood defence money to be spent around Thames Estuary

London and the Thames Estuary will benefit from £1.8 billion in new flood defence money, with eight times more per person allocated than in the north west Half of all flood defence money set aside under a £3.7bn national flood spending programme will be spent on protecting London and the...

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