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Global Aqua Survey

Global Aqua Survey Ltd – underwater surveying and investigation

Global Aqua Survey is comprised of experts in marine industries and focuses on providing expert underwater surveying and investigation
The Laboratory for Oceanographic and Environmental Research (LOER)

The Laboratory for Oceanographic and Environmental Research (LOER)

The Marine Sciences Department at Texas A&M University at Galveston covers a diverse array of disciplines relating to the study and management of the marine environment.
ocean litter

New data shows ‘dramatic’ rise in ocean litter around the UK

In 2016 there was a dramatic rise in ocean litter around the UK, with a high number of plastic items found on the seabed compared to the previous year
marine health

The European union explores new approaches to marine health

Karmenu Vella explains how EU policies will innovate our approach to oceans and help to ensure the marine health of our planet

The importance of maritime safety throughout Europe

Markku Mylly, Executive Director at the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) details how they work with the European Commission to maintain safety and implement EU legislation. For Europe, maritime transport has been a catalyst of economic development and prosperity throughout its history. Maritime transport enables trade and contacts between all the...
trawl door

Poseidon Remote Controllable Trawl door

Polar Fishing Gear from Iceland, has completed a big step in their latest development of trawl doors – the Poseidon Remote Controllable Trawl Doors – when a pair of 4.1m2 Poseidon trawl doors were tested onboard the modern 70m Icelandic research vessel, Árni Fridriksson. The idea is to control the...

Skaginn – Icelandic pioneers in Super Chilling

Driven by the ingenuity and innovational vision of its co-founder and now pioneer CEO, Skaginn's Super Chilling solutions offer a range of benefits. Through highly automated features, Super Chilling increases yield, preserves quality, adds to product value and can double shelf life. The efficient processing – now with a...

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