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European Citizens’ Initiative

Supporting the European Citizens’ Initiative

Kinga Joó, President of the EESC ad hoc Group on the Citizens' Initiative, enlightens us on the role of the organisation in supporting the European Citizens’ Initiative.
civil servants

An erasmus program for civil servants

The Civil Servant Exchange Program ECI Team calls on the Commission to launch an exchange and training programme between civil servants of EU countries.
european commission trips waiver, vaccines

European Commission hesitates on TRIPS waiver for pandemic

The European Commission on Thursday (6 May) responded to a US declaration of support for the TRIPS waiver, stating that they were open to further discussions without explicit agreement.
citizen participation,

Getting citizen participation right in the European Union and China

Nikolaos Kontinakis, Acting Projects Director, EUROCITIES, shares his thoughts on getting citizen participation just right in the European Union and China.
court of justice, european union

The work of the Court of Justice of the European Union

The important work of the Court of Justice of the European Union is introduced here, including details of language arrangements in place and how their work impacts the lives of EU citizens.
European Network on Environmental Citizenship

Environmental citizenship research and the European Network on Environmental Citizenship

Andreas Ch. Hadjichambis, Pedro Reis, Demetra Hadjichambi tell us about the research emphasis of the European Network on Environmental Citizenship.
citizenship rights agreement, EU human rights mechanism

UK and Switzerland sign citizens’ rights agreement

The UK has now signed a citizens' rights agreement with Switzerland, in an increment of the necessary preparation for disengaging EU human rights mechanisms.
citizens and the Environment

Future strategy will protect EU citizens and the Environment from Endocrine disruptors

Today the European Commission has adopted a Communication, confirming its commitment to protecting citizens and the environment from hazardous chemicals
Home Office toolkit

Home Office toolkit supports EU settlement scheme

Employers, industry groups and community groups in the UK will be able to give EU citizens practical advice on how to apply for settled status with the help of a new Home Office toolkit.
2019 European elections

2019 European elections: it is time to show that the voices of all EU...

As the European Parliament marks one year until the 2019 European elections, Mental Health Europe says EU states must reform outdated laws to show once and for all that people with psychosocial disabilities have a right to be heard

Brexit negotiations into round two in Brussels

The UK is to continue Brexit talks in Brussels today with four main categories expected to be up for discussion

Settled status for EU citizens is a ‘damp squib’

Theresa May’s offer of settled status for EU citizens does not come close to what should be on the table for EU residents, say EU politicians

Brexit rights for EU citizens in the UK are not sufficient

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Brexit rights laid out by PM Theresa May fail to hit the mark

Thousands of family doctors could be lost due to Brexit

GP leaders are warning more than 2,000 family doctors could be lost if the status of EU citizens living in the UK is not protected during negotiations

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