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EU European Union flags in front of European Comission building in Background - horizon disagreements

UK to launch formal dispute against the EU over ongoing Horizon disagreements

The UK government is poised to launch formal dispute proceedings against the EU under the claim that Brussels has broken its post-Brexit trade deal.
Woman spraying pesticides in a field

The EU must enforce a pesticide tax

Experts warn that the EU agriculture sector is stuck in "permanent pesticide-dependence," and that major flaws exist in the current attempts to reduce the use of pesticides across the EU.
new procurement bill, business

UK’s New Procurement Bill to replace 350 EU laws for business growth

A more flexible and simple New Procurement Bill is to replace 350 of the EU’s laws to drive economic growth and open business for SMEs.
Autonomous shipping, emissions

The background scenario for Autonomous Shipping

Marco Molica Colella, project coordinator for AUTOSHIP, discusses the EU’s role in autonomous shipping and changing of transport emissions globally.

Health Commissioner says EU will tackle “causes of vaccine hesitancy”

Speaking to COVI on Thursday (12 May), Commissioner Stella Kyriakides announced upcoming health measures for the bloc - including strategies against "causes of vaccine hesitancy."
europe day, young europeans

Europe Day: All eyes on Ukraine and young Europeans’ vision for the future

Cillian Lohan, Member of the Diversity Europe Group of the EESC, discusses the possibilities of Europe Day in light of recent events.
supply of crude oil, energy sanctions

EU to drop Russian supply of crude oil “within six months”

The EU announced further energy sanctions on Russia, with supply of crude oil to be phased out "within six months".
research on antibiotic resistance, superbug

€2.5 million grant for research on antibiotic resistance

Research on antibiotic resistance, specifically looking at gene-swapping systems in bacteria, has been awarded €2.5 million from the European Research Council.
climate-neutral economy, pollution

EU Green Deal: Transformation towards a climate-neutral economy by 2050

The European Commission is modernising the Industrial Emissions Directive by updating the rules to transition towards a climate-neutral economy and fostering innovation against emissions.
sustainability of health systems, european health union

Health policy in Europe and the sustainability of health systems

Megan Warrender, Editor for Open Access Government, illustrates Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides’ priorities in supporting Member States to improve the quality and sustainability of health systems.
global tech giants, digital markets act

Digital Markets Act will allow EU to fine global tech giants

The European Commission, Council and Parliament say that the Digital Markets Act will allow them to fine global tech giants - to the tune of 10% of global profits, doubling to 20% for repeat offenders.
European brain research

Mapping European brain research: The past, present and future

Professor Monica Di Luca, Past President of the European Brain Council outlines the past, present and vital future of European brain research
Ukraine refugees, eu

UK acceptance of Ukrainian refugees comes with conditions

The UK has relaxed policies to allow Ukrainian refugees to safely enter Britain – but why have these policies not matched the generosity of some EU States?
data uk eu, data flow

2 million terabytes of data will flow from UK to EU, by 2030

The European Data Flow Visualisation Tool says that 2,291,077 terabytes of non-personal data will flow to cloud facilities in Europe by 2030.
competitive bioeconomy, European Green Deal

Advancing a competitive bioeconomy for a sustainable future

Philippe Mengal, Executive Director at CBE JU ‐ Circular Bio‐based Europe Joint Undertaking, charts the priorities for advancing a competitive bioeconomy in Europe for a sustainable future.
environmental extremes

Do environmental extremes affect voting patterns?

According to IIASA research, personal experiences of extreme weather have a lot to do with political voting patterns
digital services act, digital regulations

European parliament adopts draft of Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act (DSA), a European attempt to place digital regulations on tech giants like Facebook and Google, passed with a strong majority.
european commission microchip production. european chips act

European Commission to “radically raise” microchip production

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that Europe would "radically raise" microchip production - predicting that demand will "double in the next decade".
pact on migration

Europe’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

Gary McIndoe, Managing Director of Latitude Law, examines Europe’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum that faces testing times.
brain research in europe, european research council

Prioritising brain research in Europe

Frédéric Destrebecq, Executive Director at European Brain Council, explains the importance of prioritising brain research in Europe today.

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