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Innovative methods to preserve pelagic fish species

Turid Rustad, Professor at NTNU sheds light on innovative methods to preserve pelagic fish species.
pelagic fish

The utilisation of pelagic fish: Challenges and possibilities

Turid Rustad from the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, NTNU, reveals the challenges and possibilities when it comes to the utilisation of pelagic fish, including catch that is used for human consumption.
Mediterranean aquaculture

PerformFISH: A new era of consumer-driven development in Mediterranean aquaculture

PerformFISH is a €7 million European Commission-funded project with the aim of exploring and tackling the underlying causes behind the stagnation of the Mediterranean Marine Fish Farming (MMFF) sector, as this analysis by Katerina Moutou, Associate Professor at University of Thessaly reveals.

Assessing climate change in the Arctic

Norwegian Polar Institute’s Director Jan-Gunnar Winther highlights the challenges associated with climate change in the Arctic and its global impact
fish immunity

Investigating how to make farmed fish immunity more robust

Dr María Ángeles Esteban’s group is searching for new biomarkers involved in fish immunity and welfare in farmed environments
marine health

The European union explores new approaches to marine health

Karmenu Vella explains how EU policies will innovate our approach to oceans and help to ensure the marine health of our planet

New images show the worrying reach of microplastics

New images from Thomson EC show how far microplastics have reached into our food chain, affecting organisms on a microscopic scale
fish stocks

European parliament votes on measures to improve fish stocks

European MEPs have voted on a number of restrictions which could reduce intensive overfishing and improve declining fish stocks New limits will ensure fishing cannot exceed quotas recommended by scientists, ensuring fish stocks remain sustainable. The North-Sea Multi Annual Plan applies mainly to the North Sea around Britain, which supplies most of...
Fishing agreement reached between UK and Europe

Declining fish stocks: complex pathways of toxic chemical impact

Profesor Helmut Segner at the Centre for Fish and Wildlife Health discusses the possible role of chemical pollution in the decline of freshwater fish stocks

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