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medical records

UK medical records success within the NHS

Dr Vijay Magon, Managing Director of CCube Solutions, demonstrates here how their project successes and expertise working with the NHS is providing cost-effective and scalable solutions, tailored to meet individual requirements.
healthcare teams

How technology is supporting healthcare teams across the board

Tim Weil, CEO, explains how Navenio technology can be employed to support healthcare teams.
general practice

Data on patient access is key to helping the crisis in general practice

Paul Bensley, managing director, X-on, discusses why data on patient access is key to improving general practice as we move forward following the last year.
physical and mental wellbeing

The Netherlands: Promoting physical and mental wellbeing

The Netherlands’ Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport is responsible for promoting physical and mental wellbeing, social infrastructure and active lifestyles through participation in sport, as this article details.
local councils, 5G

Smart thinking: How local councils can embrace 5G 

Local councils could become a key player in the use of these emerging technologies for the benefit of the public, but how can they make this digital shift part of their long-term forecasting, and ensure that 5G projects are a success?
Finnish Artificial Intelligence

Could a Finnish Artificial Intelligence model be the answer to streamlining our health service?

NHS GP waiting times are at their all-time worst but things are set to improve as the leading Nordic tech firm Klinik Healthcare Solutions, launches a groundbreaking algorithm to take charge of the triage process and automate patient flow for ultimate efficiency.
prescription charges, asthma

How unfair prescription charges are putting people with asthma at risk

Asthma UK’s recent report reveals the debilitating impact asthma prescription charges are having on people’s health and wellbeing. Dr Samantha Walker, Director of Policy and Research at Asthma UK explains more.
NHS' Long Term Plan

Setting up the NHS’ Long Term Plan for success

David Green, Director & Co-Founder, Remedium Partners, highlights why the success of the NHS' Long Term Plan will rely on smart strategic workforce planning.
health concerns

Men admit health concerns would need to be ‘severe’ before they sought help

A poll of adults aged 18-40 found 64% of men often bury their heads in the sand until they really have to seek help for any health concerns.
lifetime allowance, pensions

Health secretary pressures the Chancellor over pensions lifetime allowance

Matt Hancock, has revealed that tax charges on pensions are “the biggest concern I have raised with me by GPs”. Senior Cabinet Minister is also in discussions with the Chancellor over lifetime allowance.
prescribe dance lessons

Brits approve plans for GPS to prescribe dance lessons to tackle loneliness

More than half (56%) of Brits have agreed with Prime Minister plans for GP's to prescribe dance classes to patients as part of a scheme to combat loneliness

Lymphoma – what’s that?

Experts from the Lymphoma Association offer their thoughts on the extent of lymphoma in the UK today and how treatment and diagnosis can improve Every 28 minutes someone is diagnosed with lymphoma. It is the fifth most common cancer in the UK with more than 19,000 people diagnosed every year,...
drop in the number of GPs

Jeremy Hunt accused of ‘astonishing failure’ over drop in the number of GPs

Jeremy Hunt has been criticised after new data shows a substantial drop in the number of GPs despite his promise to boost staff

Thousands of family doctors could be lost due to Brexit

GP leaders are warning more than 2,000 family doctors could be lost if the status of EU citizens living in the UK is not protected during negotiations
space innovation uk Thales Alenia

Centre stage of space innovation in the UK

Thales Alenia Space is developing cutting edge satellite technology which puts it at the forefront of space innovation in the UK As we become ever more interconnected with one another, the pace of change is increasing at a rate never previously imagined or conceived. This is true in many fields...

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