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nhs data security

British adults concerned about NHS data security

The majority of British adults are concerned about NHS data security and sharing information with other public sector organisations due to ransomware attacks
digital transformation contract

HSE awards £1 million digital transformation contract

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has awarded technology consultancy Tisski a digital transformation contract worth over £1 million to transform its online services
cyber security budget

Over 50% of businesses increased their cyber security budget amid attacks

According to a recent report, 53% of businesses say their cyber security budget has increased over the last year due to an increase in cyber-attacks
Sunguard Availability Services

Sungard Availability Services (UK) Ltd – recovery services for business

Sungard Availability Services partners with global customers, providing production and recovery services tailored to achieve desired business outcomes. Sungard Availability Services partners with customers around the globe to understand their unique business needs and provide production and recovery services tailored to help them achieve their desired business outcomes. We apply...
career prospects

Over-sharing online could harm future career prospects

Parents are concerned that their children are ruining their reputations and future career prospects through the content they’re posting online
online dating

How Blockchain can transform online dating

AI and Blockchain could have the potential to help spark life back into online dating The perception of Valentine’s Day has changed dramatically, with more singles feeling less pressured to have a date for the hallmark occasion, but it has become a problem for dating apps. As a result, some operators...
ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks cost public sector £369,000

A study by Sophos Global has revealed the extent to which businesses are at risk of repeated ransomware attacks and exploits The State of Endpoint Security Today, a survey conducted by Sophos, polled more than 2,000 IT decision makers from mid-sized public and private sector organisations in 10 countries worldwide...
terrorist content

New technology revealed to help fight terrorist content online

The Home Office has announced the development of new technology to automatically detect terrorist content on online platforms Developed by the Home Office and ASI Data Science, the technology uses advanced machine learning to analyse the audio and visuals of a video to determine whether it could Daesh propaganda. Tests have...
fingerprint technology

West Yorkshire Police trial new mobile fingerprint technology

New mobile fingerprint technology will allow police officers to use their smartphones to identify people in less than a minute An app on an officer’s smartphone, combined with a handheld scanner, will mean police will be able to check fingerprints against both criminal and immigration records by connecting to the...

Safer Internet Day 2018- how to keep your children safe online

BullGuard cybersecurity discusses how we can connect with our children to make their online world safer Safer Internet Day aims to encourage safe and positive use of digital technology among children and young people and start conversations about just how important it is. Today’s generation lives in the digital world from...
technology talent

Brexit threatens UK IT prosperity

Brexit uncertainty will cut off access to technology talent across a number of industries UK organisations are suffering from a digital skills gap at every level and Brexit will further reduce Britain’s access to technology talent according to a new survey by graduate IT training and services provider, Sparta Global. The...
digital divorce

Digital divorce applications are being tested across England and Wales

A fully online digital divorce application process is being tested across England and Wales for the first time The pilot scheme allows those who want to file for a divorce to apply online- making the process easier to understand and less stressful. Launched last year, the pilot initially allowed people seeking...
fundamental computing

Advancing the frontiers of computing

Erwin Gianchandani and Michal Ziv-El from the National Science Foundation (NSF) provide a fascinating insight into how fundamental computing research is profoundly transforming our lives From cybersecurity to autonomous vehicles and assistive robotics, investments by the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) CISE directorate have resulted in myriad breakthrough technologies over the...

Leading Portugal’s blockchain revolution

In a special interview with Open Access Government, Justin Wu from Etherify sheds light on the firm’s role as a leader in Portugal’s exciting blockchain revolution Etherify is the first Ethereum consulting and software development firm in Portugal. Etherify was started in April 2017 by two young entrepreneurs: Justin Wu...
energy trading project

BTL announces next phase of European Energy trading project

BTL has revealed further information on the next phase of its European energy trading project, under which four oil and gas supermajors and five energy traders propose to participate using BTL’s Interbit blockchain platform to deliver gas trading reconciliation through to settlement and delivery of trades This second phase of...
cryptocurrency app

deVere Group to launch cryptocurrency app due to soaring global demand

A cryptocurrency app is to be launched by one of the world’s largest independent financial services organisations due to “soaring global demand” deVere Crypto, the new cryptocurrency app, will be available in a matter of weeks and is the deVere Group’s second major fintech offering in less than 12 months. The...

Cybersecurity predictions

VP and Chief Security Officer, EMEA of Palo Alto Networks, Greg Day shares his cybersecurity predictions for the future. Beyond his work there, Greg also sits on the UK National Crime Agency steering committee Cyber adversaries will extend further into ransomware, OT systems and cryptocurrencies. In recent years we have...
gm story

Learning from the past: technologies from GM to big data

Katherine Mathieson, Chief Executive of the British Science Association explores what we can learn from the GM story when introducing new technologies How do we get the public on board with big data? Technologies that have the power to improve our society can be rejected, because of the fears that...

Relaunching the digital single market: Banning geo-blocking

Lambert van Nistelrooij, a Dutch Member of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) of the European Parliament explains his opinions on banning geo-blocking

Why public sector organisations must ‘Break the Boundaries’ in 2018

Georgina O’Toole, Chief Analyst at TechMarketView, explains why, in a digital environment, public sector organisations cannot afford to be insular TechMarketView’s recently published analysis of the UK public sector ICT market revealed a picture that can be viewed in the context of ‘micro’ trends and ‘macro’ trends. In our view, the...

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